Lost and Found!!

“Have you seen number 3?”  That was the question for 45 minutes that everyone who took part in the time trial at Leedstown tonight was asking.  Where could he be?  Ian passed him at the Clowance Estate entrance so he shouldn’t be that far behind.  Five minutes pass, then ten – Ian goes on a search and find mission.  Ten minutes later Ian hasn’t returned!  We are now missing two people.  I ask everyone who crosses the line whether they’ve seen Number 3 – Nigel Sims (who is no.23) says that if he did then he must have been flying as he started 20 minutes before him!  I cycle back to the car park thinking that Number 3 may have returned to his car – but no, still no sign of him or Ian.  8.15pm I get in the car to go and search for them both.  As I turn out of the car park they are cycling merrily up the road.   

It turns out that Number 3 had missed the turning at Praze as he was behind a lorry and couldn’t see the marshal and had cycled merrily on into Camborne to the Police Station!!

All’s well that end’s well.  Number 3 has returned his number and, despite a nasty injury where the pedal attacked his shin, he is safely back in Penzance. 

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