Mag 7 2009


(Photo taken indoors as it was raining outside and Sam didn’t want to get his hair wet! Trina (with hangover) arrived as the start gun was going off and so missed the photo.)

Too close to Turkey Trot, Too far away and too difficult. Am I moaning? Nah. Well yes.

It’s a killer but at least I didn’t get held up by elderly Fiesta drivers as I had on my way to the Turkey Trot.

One excellent result before I had even begun my race was the number 69 being issued to me. Been waiting for that for 20 years! I’m easily pleased!!

The weather held off for the actual race though not the presentations.

Only a handful of MBH entered but understandable considering an early Sunday morning alarm call was needed, then drive 70 odd miles and subject yourself to 7 miles of hell.

Well ok I’ve known worse. But not much worse!

If you look at the course map you will see it’s very very hilly with a 1 mile ascent [approx] between mile 1 and 2. It’s then very undulating with a final kick in the b*lls at mile 6 with a 1:4 or so which makes you look stupid as you struggle with it.

I’ve run it twice before so at least I was prepared, but for those who havent….

My race strategy was not to worry about any P.B. and just concentrate on beating my main age cat rival Malcolm Roberts of St Austell R.C.

I intended to run beside him for 5 miles and then go for it. I managed 3, but without wanting to sound big headed, I got bit bored and took off.

I started passing people who I normally finish ahead of so I knew I’d been running well within myself. I had look back at mile 4 and though I had 100 metre lead he wasn’t completely blown away. I continued to push. I caught Nevillle Witham of Cornwall A.C. and we had a bit of a chat about the financial climate and whether the European sparrow had a greater wing speed velocity than the African. But I was on a mission and said good luck and bye bye!!
The killer hill at 6 came up. Oh my God!!

I glanced back a few times in the last mile and no one was harrying me.

There was someone a long way back but to be honest my eyesight wasn’t good enough to see.So I eased up. I still had the Turkey Trot in my legs and didn’t want to kill myself.

I could see Emma Stallard of Cornwall A.C. not too far in front who I’ve been beating recently.

I looked at my watch just as I entered the finishing field.45.55 and now my mind raced.

Could I beat my P.B. of 46.04, could I catch Emma, could I go below 46.00, would the Cornish Pirates get promotion next season? Well, I beat my P.B. by 1 second, didn’t beat 46, didn’t catch Emma and we will have to wait and see on the Pirates.

Rachel Tressider did brill to get 3rd in her age cat and I got to say Andrew Hickson is improving at such a great rate of knots that I’m beginning to look over my shoulder.

Sam Perkin got beaten by a girl [so did I mind] But he did manage to get a massage before the race. From a MALE masseur. Whether he got one afterwards I don’t know [massage that is].

Trina got held up in the Glyn Valley by a Fiesta driver! and only just made it to the start!!

Long day but It’s now 7 age cat wins out of 7. And 7 P.B.’s. can I make it the full 8 with 8 P.B.’s And will that be some kind of record? We’ll see.

And finally, my apologies to the long queue of runners waiting to redeem their kit from the secure baggage hut. The attendant spent 5 minitues trying to find my rucksack. And couldn’t. I then spent another 5 minutes helping him and couldn’t either. The queue was getting monumental.

I decided to go back to the reception area and have a think about this and give my head a scratch. And there it was on a chair! I’d convinced myself that I had booked it in. I was too embarrassed to go back and apologise, especially with about 50 in the queue by now!

Age cometh to us all.

Long day but though a hard race you still end up enjoying the spectacle.

Bit of a gap now before my next G.P. race. The Treggy 7. Thank God. Need a bit of a rest. I know there’s the Indian Queens half, which I won’t be doing, but there’s still the St Levan 10k,the Gwithian beach run and others.

Let’s hope we get an improvement with the weather for some of these events eh?

Keep on running.

Geoff Letchford

Results HERE

46:03 Geoff Letchford

47:33 Andrew Hickson

52:23 Rachel Tresidder

52:33 Sam Perkin

67:44 Tammy Rosewall

71:13 Mike Johns

72:17 Trina Peters

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