Marazion Middle Distance – 18 May 2008

Race report – Marazion Middle Triathlon 18.5.08

I awoke to the sound of rain. Great! The weather forecast was to clear so I wasn’t too downhearted and it was still early (4 am). I had breakfast, showered and checked my kit again (and then again). By the time we were all racking our bikes it was raining even harder, which was not encouraging. It didn’t feel particularly warm either so I started to think about wearing some extra layers on the bike (especially if it was still going to be raining). In the end I decided not to bother which turned out well as I would have been too hot.

The swim was good. The rain had stopped and the sea was lovely and calm and clear. It didn’t even feel cold to be honest. It took me a good 900m to get into my stride, but the swim went pretty well overall. I was a little worried about sighting as have not been OW swimming that much so far this year, but this was fine. I used the other swimmers around for this (thank goodness their sighting was fine). Checking my watch as I emerged from the water it said just under 29 minutes which I was happy with. A quick run up the beach, a wave to Caz and Olivia and into transition.

Bike next. The first half was not great. I lost my water bottles off the back of my saddle a couple of times when going over drain covers. This was stopping me get into my stride as I had to stop and retrieve them. Unlike the Ironman you don’t get others handed out along the course and I would have run out of fluids before the end of the course if I hadn’t. The second lap was much better. No lost bottles and I even caught and passed some other competitors who had done the same to me on the first. My official time for the bike was 2.40.50 which was ok, especially as there was a strong headwind to fight on the way back from Lands End.

Off the bike, transition again. Damn I needed the toilet! Quick stop in the portaloo and off for the final leg of the race. I ran well and felt strong. It was a bit of a slog against the wind coming back to Marazion each time, but I caught and passed a few who had passed me on the bike. I was pleased with the 1.26.22 especially as the length of the run had been extended from last year. I must say Fraser Dawsen who finished in 4th position overall put in an outstanding run of 1.21.33. He caught me on the second lap and try as I might I could not stay with him.

A big well done to Sam, Phil and Helen who put in some great performances in not easy conditions, especially as I think it was all their first time at the distance. Next stop for me Zurich!


I’ve uploaded some photos onto Flickr – not brilliant but they’ll do!

Marazion Middle Distance photos

Results link here

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