Marazion Middle Distance Tri 2011

If it ain't steel, it ain't real baby!
If it ain't steel, it ain't real baby!

I hate swimming, cycling in the wind and running in the rain!!!!
Sorry this soooooo long but it was long event!

The day started off rather nicely I thought after everyone had finished taking the piddle out of my bike, my only concern was whether my foot would hold up for the run.

I racked my bike sorted out what I was going to wear as it was a bit chilly but not too bad I thought. Mr Brooks was there along with Jonno, Mark W and Shay what?s his face, didn?t see anyone else from MBH sorry!

Everyone seemed really happy even though it was grey, overcast, windy and a bit chilly.

I think my first error was being last in the queue for the toilet and then only having 3 minutes to get to the beach for the start, which I managed thank you very much but I did miss out on a warm up swim and only had about a minute to get my swim cap and goggles on as someone shouted 30 seconds??.Arrrrrrr crap I thought here we go!

Kind of runny, splashy, bell floppy thing into the sea, amongst the masses I got clouted and kicked in the head, it was not cold, but quarter of the way out it was a little choppy I would say as a swell came through it must have been 1-1.5 foot between the troughs and the peaks, which is nothing really but this did bother me more than usually, I couldn?t get in to a happy rhythm and I was struggling to see the buoy (Yes I did have a target in the distance I was aiming for).

Every now and again I saw the rescue boat behind me, and I thought oh pants I must be at the back!

Not much longer and a canoe turned up beside be and the chap started yapping to me I began to settle down and when I reached the buoy I asked him if I was last?

He replied ? well let?s just say you?re not going to win? hmmm I asked again and he said ?you weren?t but 5 have turned round and swam in.

I was going to do this and that was that! I swam to next buoy across the waves towards the Mount this time before turning the canoeist said ? you?re catching up a women ahead of you? and told me to keep going, so I did and what seemed like nearly and eternity I began to see the sand as I got closer and finally I reached the beach! Phew!

I shook the hand of the canoeist and thank him, only to be cheered in by Mr Mathews, Mr Hickson and the Rev Simon Jones thank you very much for sticking round and waiting for me, all the other supporters had flipping gone! Even the canoeists were cheering either that or thinking thank f*** he?s finished.

Off with my swim cap and goggles and into T1, I passed Juliet Knowles as I ran in she looked terrible worse than normal I?d say absolutely freezing she looked, I was fine, in fact I was quite chirpy! Although a little worried I may not make the cut off time.

I changed, and jumped on Josephine (my bike) and gave her what for, half a mile in I over took Janet for Cycle Logic and Falmouth RR who has done numerous Ironmen she looked cold as well and said how hard the swim was.

Blar, blar I pushed on to Lands End I was glad I?d decided to wear gloves and a long sleeve top as it was quite chilly cycling in the wind, the first hour I managed 13.5 miles and was just starting my warm up as I made my way to Lands End I saw cyclist turning onto the coast road to St.Ives whoooo I?ll catch them I thought!

Down to Lands End, turned round, back to where I saw them, and they were 18 minutes ahead of me! So I pushed hard against Josephine even thou she was pushing back again and again I wasn?t having it, time to eat a rocky road chocolate bar?Followed by a foxes classic crinkle crunch with chocolate and butter cream ???nice!

Mind you that and my aero bars were the most expensive things in Trewellard so I shot through there!

On we went 2 flipping hours and morale was beginning to dwindle a bit, I looked at my bike computer 30 miles I was happy again and all of a sudden there was a cyclist we?d caught one I told Josephine!

So between Zennor and Hayle causeway about 9 miles we scissored and caught up another cyclist I was feeling happier, but just as if someone had flicked a switch I could feel myself getting tired and the pair of them pulled away from me..Doh!

3 hours and I hit 45 miles, 11 to go and I was beginning to feel sick now so time for a chocolate caramel bar and a penguin which me feel a lot better, still 11 miles I?ll do that in the hour which I did 3.26.32 a nice long down section from goldsithney ! (I made it 52.1 miles) I?m happy with that and I wasn?t last!

In to T2 racked up Josephine which went faster than T1 a couple of runners had just come out of transition so off I went and began chasing, I quickly caught up a this bird and over took her after about half a mile then 2 miles later I caught up this chap on the bridleway which is very stony and uneven under foot left him behind just as it began to flipping drizzle.

The run route has sections of Mounts Bay 10k in it but this year it was being run in reverse which I think made it easier anyway first lap 6.7 miles 57 minutes I was happy with that on to lap two and 8 miles on the bridle way again my left foot began to hurt, arse and I pulled up and walked for a bit looking over my shoulder all the time!

After that it turned it to a fartleck I could see someone else 400m in front of me I had to stop and walk anyway I came in 2 hours and 13 mins!

And it was finished! Plus I wasn?t flipping last!