MBH go Commando

Well Not literally, come on were not that kind of club! Not that I know of! What I mean is a few us hardened MBH?ers (plus a few of Eve?s friends) on Saturday went up to Bicton Park and took part in one of the charity commando events a 10k course with a few obstacles to over come.


The lovely Evey Lay had organised this but had a few people drop out that?s how I managed to blag a place 11 of us took to the challenge first of all we had a safety brief by one of the Royal Marines who explained how we should crawl through the pitch black water filled tunnels etc he kept calling everyone Gucci runners, I have no idea what he meant by this even after I asked him.

Then we had the warm-up, another Royal Marine thought he was Rocky as he had us jumping up and down, chasing after chickens and shouting Adrian
At this point Mr Sims realised he?d forgotten his old shoes so tough he was going round in the pair he was wearing.

All the teams were given 2minute interval starts which started at 9am we started at 2pm so you can imagine the state of the trampled and churned up ground the first 2miles were undulating through some fields and along some roads.
As some of our team weren?t the fittest we all stuck together and as we came to the first tunnel there was bit of a back log of people all trying to get through the pitch black tunnel, you couldn?t see your hand in front of your face! It was priceless as this did mean I was able to cop a couple of cheeky groaps, Oop?s sorry! Of the lucky lady in front of me I even managed bit of sneaky wrap around as we manoeuvred around a 90degree bend Oop?s sorry again!……….yea baby??..Nice!

At which point she seemingly disappeared up the tunnel rather sharpish and when I clambered out the other side she was nowhere to be seen. Hmmm

And as we all appeared out of the tunnel one by one we began plodding to the next tunnel as we did there was a big fat bloke puking his guts up its not that hard I thought and as we came to second tunnel Mr Sims went in front of me I should have gone first as he kept passing wind combine that with the confined space we were all in, well it sounded like a shot gun going off as the trumping noise produced by his posteria reverberated around the tunnel.
Let me tell you! I was glad to get out of that tunnel!

Once again we waited until we were all together before heading off to the next obstacle which was a long concrete tube which had water running half way up it and after about 10 foot it was pitch black again I did bang my head once but on a plus point the water was quite warm, I have no idea why or how! Hmmm??
At least Nigel wasn?t in front of me this time, when we exited the tunnel we were all covered in a gritty mud, but loving every bit of it.

Arrrrrrr the next obstacle was the dreaded sheep dip where we had quite a wait due to the back log of people but as we waited, up to waist?s in dirty stinky black muddy water, John Matthews decided to throw some mud at Shay this very quickly turned into a mass MBH mud fight and as I was bent over holding my sides laughing as hard as I could, that git Shay managed to land a handful of mud right in my face with most of it going in my mouth I had an instant retch and as I looked up the get was crying with laughter, he also managed to do the same to Nigel.
I was last through the sheep dip allowing Nikki and Michael to go before me as I was still spitting out mud. The sheep dip, we had to hold are breath duck down in the horrid water and be pushed through until the Royal Marine at the other end pulled us through.
Nigel went through first and un-be known to Shay he was waiting for him with his arms full of mud and plastered him as he came out??..Rightly so and then we had a muddy team photo!

Off again this time through large puddles of muddy water Rev Simon who volunteered me to go first (Thanks Dude) I stepped in thinking it was 3 or 4 inches deep and ended up around my waist as he and the others laughed at me, and then decided to walk around, not me though I was still spitting bits of grit out! Well I waded through that before running through a stream jumping over logs etc before we got to the water stop where myself and Nigel could rinse out our mouths Shay was in tears laughing at us!

At which point we?d been on the go for an hour and forty minutes I was knackered and we still had 2 miles to go which was more of a fartleck back!
Well we finished in a grand time of 2.13.13 probably not the best thing to do the day before a half marathon, oh well!
We had a really, really good time with lots of good conversation as it was a long old trip there and back!

Our platoon consisted of Michelle Ives, Wayne Morran, John and Nikki Mathews, Shay (crack shot) Bowen, Nigel (Shot Gun) Sims, Easy Lay, Darren, Rev Simon, Moi and some other dude called Sam.

All together we raised ?615 for the chosen charity which was Devon Air Ambulance??. So well done usmud1

Sam Perkin

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