MBH pair take the double at Cornwall GP Series

Mounts Bay Harrier members Nancy Hill and Mark Omori were awarded the Sandy Hill Cornish Grand Prix Male and Female most improved runner awards at todays presentation following the 5 mile road race known as the ‘Mob Match. The series comprising of a total of 14 races saw a total of 936 runners (521 male, 415 female) compete at least one race in the series – the improvement award is given to those runners who have shown over the last 12 months of racing improvements in their times for race distances of 4,5,7,10, half marathon and the full marathon distance of 26 miles.

Well Done to you both!

Other exceptional performances over the series saw members take to the podium for the following

Sue Taylor, 1st over 55 AG, John Doyle, 2nd over 50 AG, Geoff Letchford, 3rd over 55 AG

Special mention to MBH members Sam Perkin and Mark Omori who completed the whole of the GP series in the year – the series consists of 14 races in total, including 2 10 milers, 3 half marathons, 2 full marathons and numerous 10Ks, 4 and 5 milers.

A total of 67 Mounts Bay Harriers competed at least one race (43 men and 24 women) out of those who raced the following athletes ran the minimum 8 qualifying races and were awarded the coveted GP series momento, a very well done to;

Nigel Sims, 4th over 45 AG, Mark Omori, 6th over 45 AG, Jer Marston, 23rd under 40 AG, Ian Matthews, 12th over 40 AG, Rob Burrows, 11th over 50 AG,Chris Trewhella,19th over 45 AG,Yvonne Turner, 5th over 45 AG,Nancy Hill, 4th over 40 AG,Rachel Tresidder, 4th under 35 AG,Yvonne Watkins, 8th over 45 AG,Sue Matthews, 14th over 45 AG

MBH Team position for the GP year were mens team finished 5th and the ladies finished 6th -WELL DONE ALL

 Onto todays Mob Match – Sam Hill is just getting better and better! full results below

18 0:29:36 HILL, Sam
30 0:31:09 LETCHFORD, Geoff
38 0:31:40 SANGER, Phil
55 0:32:19 DOYLE, John
61 0:32:43 MATTHEWS, Ian
66 0:32:54 MARSTON, Jeremy
98 0:34:16 CHAPPLE, Steve
117 0:35:26 OMORI, Mark
126 0:35:51 GIMBERT, Shawn
139 0:36:10 GRONWALT, Ian
184 0:37:48 LAWLEY, Sam
192 0:38:11 MATTHEWS, Jamie
205 0:38:33 TURNER, Yvonne
211 0:38:52 HIBBERT, Clive
222 0:39:23 PERKIN, Sam
235 0:40:26 BURROWS, Robert
248 0:41:01 BAINBRIDGE, Robert
251 0:41:05 MARSTON, David
262 0:41:36 HILL, Nancy
275 0:42:39 TREWHELLA, Chris
277 0:42:54 JOHNS, Michael
297 0:43:57 GABBOTT, Wendy
307 0:44:46 PETERS, Trina
329 0:46:26 MATTHEWS, Susan
365 0:50:05 PRADY, Liz

Mens vets team managed a credible 5th for a bottle of wine each – Geoff L. John D, Ian M & Steve C

Our first 12 (that’s how many in the team for this event) finished 7th overall, Ladies team of 4 finished 8th,mens under 40 team 9th,

The next race outing for most  is The Tricky Dickies 4 mile Turkey Trot on December 14 

The first race of the 2009 series is the Blaythorne 10 Mile and the entry forms are already out, so if you’re MBH let Ian know to get you onto the club entry block booking!

Mounts Bay Harriers Running, Triathlon and Athletics Club is based at Mounts Bay School and offers senior club runs Mondays and Thursdays, a junior sportshall athletics session on Friday evenings and group swim and cycle sessions at weekends. For more information on Mounts Bay Harriers turn up ready to run at ‘the Dome’ at Mounts Bay School on a Monday at 7pm, come along to Penzance Astro Park on Thursday at 7.30pm for our ‘track session’ or you can telephone 07854 982191 or e mail the info button from this site New beginners groups starting soon, phone for details, 70.3 and marathon training starts after Christmas.



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