MBH Remembrance Run results

Kate Opie - first femaleMike Robinson - first maleRemembrance Run 2008MBH Remembrance Run 2008 results

Kate Opie – first female and Mike Robinson – first male
Runners observing the two-minute silence.

Splashography for photos of event LINK – these photos show what a battle the runners had against the elements!!  (Who is the man in black – photo A-0085!)

The picture above shows how high the tide was when the race began and got higher as time went on. 

The weather forecast was abysmal – gale force south-westerly winds and torrential rain – and still 51 people turned up on the day!

It was not the easiest of runs, to say the least.  All the firm sand was covered by sea which left shingle, pebbles and soft sand to run on together with an ever approaching tide.

Marshals were positioned in strategic places so that they didn’t get blown away.  The river crossing was manned by Phil and Sam who were well equipped with wellies and waterproofs to pull anyone out if need be.  The coastguard had been advised and had a vehicle in position just in case they were needed.  Chris T risked being washed away just so that he could be in the most beneficial place to direct runners up to the turnaround point, and Trina and Rachel’s children braved the elements so that they could help out.  Many thanks to all the marshals, more than expected turned up on the day and they were a huge help in the unfavourable conditions.

After the race the majority of competitors said that it was the toughest four mile flat course that they had ever run – try telling that to Mike Robinson who made it look so easy,  he even beat his time of last year!!

Results are at the top of this page but Mike Robinson was first, Nathan Jolly (Cornwall AC) second and Sam Hill (MBH) third.  For the women, Katie Opie first, Sue Taylor (MBH) second and Jenni Anderson third.

This is not a race for the feint-hearted.  It sounds easy to run four miles along a beach but when the elements combine to give the conditions of today, then all praise to everyone who took part just to complete it. 

We hope to see more taking part next year as £1 of the entry fee does go towards the Poppy Appeal plus every runner today received a wine glass (with a further one on the way due to a spelling mistake!).

Many thanks to Mounts Bay Sailing Club for use of their facilities and to St Aubyn Estates for the use of Folly Field car park.

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