MBH Tri / cycling kit

OK, the long awaited kit is, I think, ready to be signed off and ready for manufacture – take a look!!! MBH tri / cycling kit – final design? If you have anything to add, comments to make, suggestions etc then let me know – examples of their portfoilio can be found here  – anything you reckon looks good that we might want to copy? samples are due to arrive anyday so that we can guage sizing, quality etc – range of products available are anything from a arm warmers, running tights, cycling tops, bib shorts, trisuits etc for an idea of what provision can offer us take a look here – an order form will appear on line and also at the club, the only ‘hitch’ I can see is we need to order a minimum of 50 items, of which we must have 5 items of one design – they also do junior sizing so that may be an idea?!