Meet Your Max & Liskeard Triathlon 2018

The last week has seen events in Truro & Liskeard with Harriers traveling to take part.
On Wednesday evening, 5 Harriers took on Meet Your Max, part of the multi terrain series. This 6.7 hilly run around the edge of Truro is challenging although Michael Rooney enjoyed it & Emma Richards was delighted to post another pb at the distance.

Sunday 17th June saw Liskeard Triathlon take place, which was was the third triathlon in the intotri series.
This was a very popular event as the adult Tri had all sold out.
Eight Harriers took part and all really enjoyed the event despite it being a damp and drizzly day which made the road surface slippery so the bike section was slightly more challenging due to the adverse weather conditions.
The Harriers performed very well even though Dee Mclean turned up to the start line without her cycle shoes, this did not handicap her cycle in anyway, she went on to produce a good time. Ruth Glover had Competed in Staffordshire Half Iron Man the previous week and still felt the effects of it in her legs but she competed well & finished the race.
All Harriers agreed this event was well marshalled and organised, and are looking forward to the next one in the series.

Meet Your Max results
77th – Michael Rooney – 59:42
118th Emma Richards – 1:05:48
126th Robert Burrows – 1:08:58
204th George Andrews – 1:30:20
205th Julie Bolitho – 1:30:37

Liskeard Tri results
Richard Alford 1:13:19
Caleb Munday 1:22:21
Nigel Carr 1:22:34
Luke Mclean 1:24:13
Dee Mclean 1:25:18
Chris Sedgeman 1:25:45
Paul Hooper 1:25:55
Ruth Glover 1:29:55

Below left –  Harriers at Liskeard triathlon.
Below right –  Harriers at Meet Your Max