Mob Match 2011

mob-match-2011This photo was taken by Rory Matthews (C) who is a student at the
university in Falmouth studying photography.

“I have a project entitled ‘The Portrait’ this semester and was very
interested in doing a series of short interviews and (photo) portraits
of people in the ranks of sports clubs that are more senior (perhaps
in the 55-70yrs range), but who are still fighting fit and put younger
people like myself to shame. I have been in contact with about 3 clubs
so far and would love to include any members of the Harriers that fit
the description!

I wondered whether, if possible, someone might be able to put me in
contact with some of the elder members of your club so that I might
ask them whether they would maybe be interested in being a part of the

Perhaps it is easier to talk over the phone about this all; if that
would be more convenient, my number is 07412 532 382 or email”

Results from today’s Mob Match Individual results

Team results HERE

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