Mob Match & Cornwall GP 2009

The 2009 Cornwall Road Running Grand Prix series came to an end on Sunday with the usual Falmouth Road Runners 5 mile Mob Match Event. The weather had threatened to ruin everything but the rain stayed off for just long enough for the 11am start that saw 385 runners toe the start line even tho? it felt like running into a wall as you turned for home around Pendennis Castle.
Mounts Bay Harriers fielded 29 runners on the day and once again a few new 5 mile PBs were posted. Special mention must go to Super Sam Hill who finished 5th and Mike Robinson in 8th. It was great to see Nicky Taylor racing locally for the Mighty Bay at last and new member Richard Boucher putting in a commendable time on his very first race in red, black & white (bit different from gig rowing!) Nancy and Charlie were taking it easier as they were tapering for their 4 day Cyprus Marathon Challenge, when they would be flying out the next morning. This fact didn?t deter sloshy Bob from sprinting past in the finishing shute ? shouting ?I?m gonna have you!!? Nice one Robert!

Mob Match 2009Nancy & Charlie

MBH Results
5 0:27:42 HILL, Sam
8 0:28:48 ROBINSON, Michael
36 0:31:55 HICKSON, Andrew
56 0:33:23 MARSTON, Jeremy
59 0:33:36 MATTHEWS, Ian
81 0:34:22 OMORI, Mark
144 0:36:59 TAYLOR, Nicky
158 0:37:49 BURROWS, Robert
176 0:38:29 BOUCHER, Richard
193 0:39:04 ANGOVE, Paul
194 0:39:05 HOOPER, Paul
198 0:39:18 HIBBERT, Clive
211 0:39:47 SAVILLE, Mhairi
217 0:40:08 MCNEVIN, Philip
223 0:40:26 KANE, Duncan
232 0:40:37 BURROWS, Robert
234 0:40:38 MASON, Zoe
257 0:41:39 BAINBRIDGE, Robert
258 0:41:41 HILL, Nancy
259 0:41:42 HOLDEN, Charlie
266 0:42:06 PETERS, Trina
276 0:42:48 MARSTON, David
296 0:44:11 ROSEWALL, Tammy
304 0:44:26 SHAW, Laura
316 0:45:31 TREWHELLA, Chris
326 0:46:22 MATTHEWS, Susan
346 0:47:48 PRADY, Liz
361 0:50:56 KENDALL, Helen
364 0:51:35 GIERGIELEWICZ, Alicja

Sue MClive HAndrew HStartline

Full Mob Match results can be found here -?

Following the Mob Match it was the usual GP presentation ? in brief 571 men (521 in 2008) and 464 ladies (415 in 2008) have entered at least one event this year and 188 (174 in 2008) have completed their 8 races, plus all vets categories.
20 runners (2 female and 18 male) have completed all 15 GP events (14 in 2008) – Full GP positions can be found here –
For Mounts Bay Harriers 50 men and 29 women completed at least one race in MBH colours and the following members completed the 8 race qualifier.
Andrew Hickson
Mark Omori
Ian Matthews
Charlie Holden
Paul Hooper
Clive Hibbert
Robert Burrows
Tim Bundy
Michael Johns

Tammy Rosewall
Trina Peters
Susan Matthews
Christine Bundy
Special mention to Sam Perkin who has now completed all GP events for the last 2 years (29 races)
Sam P

2009 Award Age Group Winners

Rachel T

Female under 35 3rd place Rachel Tresidder

Nancy H

Female vet 40 2nd place Nancy Hill

Liz P

Female vet 50 3rd place Liz Prady


Male vet 50 1st place Geoff Letchford

Our mens team finished 5th overall and ladies 6th ? a big well done and congratulations everyone.
The new 2010 Cornwall GP season kicks off with the newly named ?Storm Force? (previously Blaythorne 10 mile) on January 17 2010,closely followed by the very popular Mounts Bay 10k on February 7 – and yep, you?ve guessed it…….entries are already open with club entry forms at the club!

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