Mounts Bay 10K 2009

Second of the G.P. series and the most local one for M.B.H.  

I collected my number from Ian and attempted to pin it on my vest! Normally I do that when I’m wearing it. Someone remind me  not to attempt that again as I speared my finger twice and when I finally got it on, it seemed to be to be at a jaunty angle somewhere around my kidneys!  

Thank God i’m in 55 age group. I’d hate to be in the 50 or even worse 45 age cat!  At the moment I only seem to have to deal with Malc Roberts from St Austell club. But the others, oh dear!  

Interesting start, as at least 30 to 40 runners were standing 10 metres or more in front of the start line? The starter didn’t seem to notice this and so off we all hurtled downhill in a 400 metre sprint under the road bridge.   My first mile was what I thought very very conservative for me. 5mins 55 so I felt that perhaps I should push a little. Neville Withham of CAC [ 50 age cat ] decided to come up with me and go for an attempted World record of trading places. I lost count of the number of times we swapped. I decided to grab a bottle at the drink station [ mile 3 ]. Took a swig and promptly choked. And I mean choked! It completely lost me my ‘Focus’ with Neville and he disappeared into the distance. It was quite an eerie sensation as I  seemed  to feel the strength drain from my legs?? Very odd. (sounds like a mild attack of Vasovagal Syncope to me – AD)

I re-focused and aimed yet again at Neville who by this time had gained a 25 metres cushion. My anger with myself at the choking incident had fired me up and by mile 4 my momentum had  got me past Neville and even on past Kyle Kearey from M.B.H. [ He did eventually beat me].  The last 500 metres was approaching and if you know this route, you will also know its one of the hardest finishes around. A couple of years ago I think I achieved a world record slowest 200 metres in around 1min 15 seconds!!! Uphill, into wind, unfit and knackered! However, this year I whistled up it  with a spring in my step whilst taking note of the local flora and fauna. Yeah right! But 38.21 was fine by me beating my nearest rival by over 2 minutes and indeed taking a few M.B.H. scalps along the way. I know one or two of you may not be quite up to scratch at the moment, but just let me bathe in my Glory for a short while – it was 3 minutes faster than my fastest here.

I did feel a little deflated as I crossed the finish line though, when Nigel Sims [spectating]  shouted “What happened Geoff, was it difficult today?”   Brilliant turn out of around 50 runners for us and fantastic to get 2nd overall male team, 1st 6 to count:

Tim Drew  6th 34.24
Mike Robinson 11th 35.47
Sam Hill 17th 36.47  (running with a plaster cast on his wrist ! )
Kyle Kearey 25th 38.17
Geoff Letchford 28th  38.21
John Parkes  32nd 38.48  
also 6th place male team overall:
Jason W
Dave P
Gus G
Don H
John D
Phil S  
Susie Taylor got 2nd in over 55 age cat
Geoff Letchford 1st over 55 age cat  
And… Ladies team 5th overall, 4 to count:

So all in all a pretty damn good day.  Well done to everyone. Next GP race is An Resek 10 miles at Helston. So start practising a bit of off-road and beach running!  



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