Mounts Bay 10K – 7th February 2010

What a day – the race was full weeks before race day, with 500 runners signed up for this popular 10K staged by Hayle RR. The 2nd race in the Cornwall Road Running GP saw over 65 MBH get their names on the start list – as a note to all – the club entry was a real pain in the butt as so many people pulled out, wanted places, didn’t turn up etc for a number of reasons, and this made a LOT of work for Sue and I and will continue as we now have to ‘chase’ those who haven’t paid or didn’t turn up – so much so we are considering to stop doing club entries – on the other hand would we have has so many MBH enter if it was left to the individual?

Mounts Bay Harriers Team

Onto the race……………was this the day for Jer, Mark and myself to go sub 40………………… maybe. That paled into insignificance as looking at our start list we had the strongest team in ever, with Sam H, Mike R, Neil E, Pete L, Nick H, Kyle K, Phil S, Jason W, Geoff L, John D, Nigel S, Andrew H, Don H, Alistair S all capable of going sub 40 – the bar was set really high for the whole field, as Cornwall AC, Newquay and Hayle all had strong teams out – as for the ladies, again Nancy, Rachel, Wendy S, Mhairi, Birthday girl Sam L, and new member Louisa looked on target for a team placing.

Registration was excellently laid out with each club having their own ‘check in’ desk and changes to runners went smoothly (cause Jan Sargeant is such an expert!) tea, coffee and changing were all good, Thanks to Tammy, who although wasn’t running, came to support and help Sue out on the desk, Marie also came early to help but Sue and Tammy had it covered – just an observation tho’ when will they get some wedges for those bloody double doors? the number of people who crashed into those chairs, either on the way in or out was just too many – come on Hayle get it sorted next year please.

Sam Perkin turned up – he just run over from St Ives!! now he was going to race and then jog home – how many miles was that?

The injured Karen McClay also turned up to cheer us on, as did James Taylor on his bike (Wendys other half) Natalie (Jasons respective) Dean (Rachels hubby), Sue Taylor who ran over from Helston and all of the MBH Juniors who also cheered us on Ronnie who was on route with some definate words of encouragement (I didn’t feel good Ronnie, even if you did shout ‘looking good’) – it was also great to see our head coach Viv at the start and finish – I have a feeling though that’s gonna cost us all at training as I noticed he was taking notes?!?

MBH runners were asked to meet at the back of the centre for a team photo and all but a few made it! even the Cornishman were interested had we had sooooo many in club colours – well done people (have to buy this weeks Cornishman now!)

Rachel, Nancy and Ianrace tactics?

come on Big Dave - and he did! a new PB004

A brief warm up (and thanks to nearly all for picking up their number before 10.30), wished good luck to all I could see and trotted around to the start

A total of 457 lined up in the little back lane ready for the off – the gun I think caught everyone by surprise as we all sprinted down the road – I personally tried to hold back as this I thought was always my downfall of not getting sub 40 on this course – first mile 6.19, bang on what I wanted (it’s about 6.22 for each mile to get under 40) So who out of MBH did the fastest 1st mile? – if you know your time why not post it on our forum?

Interesting race………….. some people! there were a couple of Falmouth lads just in front of myself, Steph Martin and a few others, who, cut us up on every corner, some people are so inconsiderate!! I had a couple of real breathers close to me today! the sounds some people make when they run!! It was perfect weather tho’ and the marshalls again, as every year were very encouraging – great show guys and girls – I have had it reported to me however that a few MBH runners decided to use Sam P, Trina P, Marie U and Dave M had too much chat going on!! IT WAS A RACE – you have been reported to the coach and he has made a note of your names! if you can talk you weren’t racing hard enough!

I could see Don just in front all the way round, I knew I must be close to the target, a sub 40 – I needed about 3 minutes I reckoned as I came around the final bend and into that bloody hill to break 40 – There was Tammy and Karen, and my watch said…………………….2.30 minutes till 40 minutes – I aint gonna do it!!! my heart sank and my legs died! but at least I was in front of Mark (so I thought) as I hadn’t seen him all the way around!!! but he’d only shot off at light speed and already finished – Congratulations Mark 39.27!!! a new PB by miles

I crossed the line 40.43 – not even a PB – how did everyone else do? OK no time to dwell on that as Mark, Jer, Andrew and myself went off for another lap in the opposite direction as part of our VLM training (it’s harder the other way round!) – ?There were however some amazing individual and team performances

Phil and Jason battle it out to the finish028

Place Time Name Category Pace

7 00:33:11 HILL, Sam Male under 40 05:20.30
11 00:34:24 ROBINSON, Michael Male under 40 05:32.10
24 00:36:33 EDDY, Neil Male under 40 05:52.80
27 00:36:48 LE GRICE, Peter Male under 40 05:55.20
29 00:37:05 HARVEY, Nick Male Vet 40-44 05:58.00
35 00:37:30 KEAREY, Kyle Male under 40 06:02.00
40 00:38:03 SANGER, Phil Male under 40 06:07.30
42 00:38:12 WALKER, Jason Male under 40 06:08.70
43 00:38:33 DOYLE, John Male Vet 50-54 06:12.10
47 00:38:52 LETCHFORD, Geoff Male Vet 55-59 06:15.20
58 00:39:20 HICKSON, Andrew Male Vet 45-49 06:19.70
59 00:39:26 SIMS, Nigel Male Vet 45-49 06:20.60
60 00:39:27 OMORI, Mark Male Vet 45-49 06:20.80
73 00:40:21 HUTCHISON, Don Male Vet 45-49 06:29.50
83 00:40:43 MATTHEWS, Ian Male Vet 40-44 06:33.00
93 00:41:25 MARSTON, Jeremy Male Vet 40-44 06:39.80
97 00:41:33 WORLEDGE, Mark Male Vet 40-44 06:41.10
104 00:41:54 STEPHENS, Alastair Male under 40 06:44.50
109 00:42:20 HILL, Nancy Female Vet 40-44 06:48.60
111 00:42:23 HOLDEN, Charlie Male under 40 06:49.10
173 00:45:31 WOOD, Chris Male Vet 40-44 07:19.40
175 00:45:32 TRESIDDER, Rachel Female under 35 07:19.50
187 00:46:09 HIBBERT, Clive Male Vet 60-64 07:25.50
188 00:46:16 HOOPER, Paul Male Vet 50-54 07:26.60
192 00:46:33 BOUCHER, Richard Male Vet 40-44 07:29.30
195 00:46:49 RICHARDS, Steven Male Vet 40-44 07:31.90
196 00:46:50 SAVILLE, Mhairi Female under 35 07:32.10
197 00:47:00 CHAPPLE, Steve Male Vet 55-59 07:33.70
204 00:47:16 LAWLEY, Samantha Female Vet 35-39 07:36.30
211 00:47:31 RUETSCH, Arnaud Male Vet 45-49 07:38.70
214 00:47:59 TOTTLE, Louisa Female Vet 40-44 07:43.20
222 00:48:22 BROOKS, Nick Male Vet 50-54 07:46.90
226 00:48:34 KANE, Duncan Male Vet 45-49 07:48.80
233 00:48:53 SCOTT, Wendy Female Vet 35-39 07:51.90
238 00:49:11 JAMES, Ian Male Vet 40-44 07:54.80
243 00:49:30 ANGOVE, Paul Male Vet 40-44 07:57.80
261 00:50:29 BARLOW, Thea Female Vet 45-49 08:07.30
263 00:50:33 MCNEVIN, Philip Male under 40 08:08.00
264 00:50:34 BURROWS, Robert Male Vet 55-59 08:08.10
270 00:51:02 WEBB, Helen Female under 35 08:12.60
278 00:51:27 RAGGETT, Ian Male Vet 40-44 08:16.70
284 00:51:54 SILK, Peter Male Vet 40-44 08:21.00
287 00:51:59 AUSTIN, David Male Vet 65-69 08:21.80
299 00:52:43 MOONEY, Judith Female Vet 40-44 08:28.90
312 00:53:20 MARSTON, David Male Vet 65-69 08:34.80
320 00:53:41 USHER, Marie Female under 35 08:38.20
324 00:53:45 PERKIN, Sam Male under 40 08:38.90
328 00:53:52 MASON, Zoe Female under 35 08:40.00
330 00:53:57 SQUIRE, Mark Male Vet 50-54 08:40.80
351 00:55:26 PETERS, Trina Female Vet 40-44 08:55.10
352 00:55:36 MATTHEWS, Susan Female Vet 45-49 08:56.70
358 00:56:03 DAVIS, Steve Male Vet 50-54 09:01.10
367 00:56:39 GABBOTT, Wendy Female Vet 35-39 09:06.90
372 00:57:16 SHAW, Laura Female Vet 50-54 09:12.80
382 00:57:53 TREWHELLA, Chris Male Vet 45-49 09:18.80
385 00:57:59 JOHNS, Gillian Female Vet 50-54 09:19.70
386 00:58:10 JOHNS, Michael Male Vet 50-54 09:21.50
390 00:58:24 SQUIRE, Helen Female Vet 45-49 09:23.70
392 00:58:41 STONE, Jackie Female Vet 45-49 09:26.50
419 01:01:52 KENDALL, Helen Female under 35 09:57.20


MBH A Mens Team 4th (Sam, Mike, Neil, Pete, Nick & Kyle)

MBH B Mens Team 6th (Phil, Jason, John, Geoff Andrew and Nigel

MBH Ladies team 5th (Nancy, Rachel, Mhairi, Sam, Louisa and Wendy)

Sam Hill 7th overall

Mike Robinson 11th overall

Geoff Letchford 1st 55-59

Nick Harvey 3rd 40-44

John Doyle 3rd 50 -54

Nancy Hill – 2nd 40-44

And Mounts Bay Harriers were awarded the Ray Tuffnel Shield for most runners on the day (that’s even with 5 no shows) Thanks to Hayle, who’s post race giveaway must be one of the best yet – a black hoodie! complete with our name and logo! no green, no HRR anywhere printed on it or anything – ?excellent guys, we owe you!

Full results?…0k_07-02-10.htm

So see you on Monday club night – and guess what? An Resek entries are out (Sunday 28 March) – individual and block entry available (only if you all promise to run if you enter)


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