Musbury Castle Challenge 2009

While many of the club were running around Truro I found myself in
Devon for the 10th Anniversary running of the Musbury Castle
Challenge. Lots of people had told me they had run it in previous
years yet nobody had been back for a second time!! It was Donna who kept telling me I should do it and she has run it three times.

A great 7 mile run for those who love off road trails she said but for this year event the organisers had decided to add an extra 3 miles! Despite being one of the hardest runs I have ever done I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, well now it’s over anyway. If the weather had been a bit cooler it would have made the hills a bit more bearable. The dry weather probably made the whole route easier but some more mud would have made it a bit more fun.

I definitely recommend this event, it’s only small, there were about 100 competitors, and you certainly won’t be posting a PB for your 10 miler but why not give it a go. I’ll see you there.

Ian Raggett :-)

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