My First Aquathlon

The minute I found out I was doing the Aquathlon I felt excited at first and then a couple of days later I started getting really nervous. After that I asked if I could get a trisuit because when I watched my Dad at the Helston Triathlon I saw his trisuit and thought it was good. A couple of weeks later my Dad brought one home and it was red and black.

I began training for the event a couple of months before and I either went swimming with my Dad or with Emily and her Dad. My Dad would make me do lengths again and again before he would let me play! Sometimes I thought he was taking it far too seriously! With only 2 weeks to go my Dad told me I had to do 6 lengths and 1800m run not 4 lengths that I thought. I’m only 10 but would have to race in the 11-12 year olds. I started to get really worried and thought I couldnt do it but my Dad told me I could do it.

At last the day had come. I ate my breakfast, then into the car and off to Penzance. My Dad kept going on about what to do during the race. I dont know who was more nervous – me or my Dad!

After registering and having my number written on my hands my Dad showed me around the run. It seemed a really long way! We cheered Emily on at the finish of her race and then went to put my trainers in the transition area. I was getting really scared now but it was too late I had to get to the swimming pool. I watched the wave before mine get ready. A boy was sick all over the floor. Next it was our turn to swim. My name was called and I got into the pool. The water was very cold and tasted funny. It was like the sea water. the lady shouted “10 seconds to go” and I got ready. “3, 2, 1” and I was off. I did a tumble turn at the end of the first length but ended up in the wrong lane! Ooops! I got quite tired in the swim after 4 lengths and still had 2 to go. After the swim I got to the transition area and tried to put my socks on but couldn’t so I just put my shoes on and set off.

As I was running my trainer rubbed me and it was really hurting. I started to walk up a hill and in the distance I heard my Dad shout “Oi, get moving”! Then I saw the finish and I sprinted to the line. I heard lots of people cheering me and it was a great feeling crossing the finish. My foot was bleeding but I felt really good and proud of myself for completing it.

I thought the whole day was great and the MBH marshalls were really good cheering me on. I’ll definately be back next year, but I’ll put my socks on next time!

By Aimee Gimbert Age 10 (but a Tristar 11-12!!)

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