New Year’s Day run at Zennor

From the group photo it looks like there are about 30 runners from MBH, Carn & Truro.

Geoff L’s report is below the photos (click on photo to get bigger pic – then click again)!

Absolutely brill. 

11am start, but what took me by surprise was the normally quiet car park by the pub was jammed packed with vehicles including several traveller vans. 

Apparently a rare White Owl (?) had been spotted in the area and ‘TWITCHERS’ were abundant. 

I did my customary ‘ Happy New Year ‘ welcome speech, advising everyone that this was not an organised run.  No entry fee, no prizes, no insurance and therefore it was your ‘OWN DAMN SILLY FAULT’ if you fell over and broke your leg.  As it happens, Trish did fall over and twisted her ankle, but was escorted back down by Mark Omori and family.  I have to say that our radio comms worked brilliantly, Mark informing me of the problem, as I was in the lead and he was tail end Charlie.  Don did his bit in the middle. 

The scenery was fabulous and the weather was dry with a keen cold Southerly wind. 

Around 40 took part, along with 3 dogs, that’s double the number from the past 2 years, so obviously it’s gaining a reputation?  It certainly blows the cobwebs away and it was nice to see some familiar faces from other running clubs. 

Carn in particular had quite a few turn up.  Nice one Barrie.  And there were others from even further afield.  Unfortunately Ian and Sue, our intrepid leaders for MBH couldn’t take part due to illness.  GET WELL SOON. 

The long climb up to the top of Zennor Carn is a killer, but when you get there the views are spectacular.  My little run through a cave/fallen slab at the summit is just my personal thing as a good luck charm for the coming year.  Let’s hope it works for everyone.

After that we have the fantastic ridge run across the top of Zennor Carn where the running ground has surely got to be the best in the World!  Soft, springy, bouncy and THEN, oh my God! 800 metres of 4 feet high gorse with a track width of 3 inches and pitted!  This is where Trish fell (I presume) and as it happens I nearly went a couple of times myself. 

On past Zennor Quoit, across the open moors and finally back on to the road for the last one and a half miles. Undulating and then seriously downhill. But at least you get the chance to run side by side for a chat and are able to look around without falling flat on your face. 

After finishing the run I tried to contact Mark on the radio without success.  So I decided to drive back up the route as far as I could.

I made contact with Mark a few minutes later, who informed me that he was basically still in the middle of the moor with his young son Tayio, who didn’t want to run any further.  So I drove as far as I could down the rough track till I could go no further, to meet them.

Thank God we had the radios. 

So back down to the Tinners Arms and a real log fire.

Thank you to all those who turned out and ran in the best winter conditions you could possibly ask for.

Did anyone see the White Owl? hoot hoot!

Geoff Letchford

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