New Years Day Zennor Moors run

Weather turned out nice again! Another year of running begins with what is becoming a bit of a far west tradition, Geoff Letchfords Zennor Moors New Years Day run. This year Geoff and Mark had been on a couple of recces to put in a 3 mile or 5.5 mile run – only thing was the 5.5 mile run seemed to cross the marsh mud from hell! I’ll be having words (or my wife will as I walked it through the house!) as to how we ended up going through all that sh, I mean mud, knee deep in places!
Anyway a few brave hardy souls, some still way too drunk from the night before (no names, but Jer, Mark and myself were still going strong at 4 in the morning) met at The Tinners Arms carpark for our 11am run, Geoff explained the route, he’d already ran around it and posted ‘signs’ for directions (Sabine is gonna kill him when she finds out he cut up her broom and brush to steal the handles to make them!) and in case you couldn’t read the maps he handed out (or you were still seeing double as in my case) he’d even painted bright orange arrows on the grass fields to follow AND new for this year, being eco friendly, had put down an orange peel trail to follow, Mark and I couldn’t quite work out how he could run and peel them at the same time?!? my worry was with the amount of peel, he was gonna have a bad case of the trots! it is not possible to eat that many oranges, even if it was his only present in his stocking! off we set to the top of the carn, I’m getting a little worried with Pangove as he seems to be trying to out do Mark in the tardiness stakes lately!
At the top of the carn, a brief local history lesson from Geoff re the stone age quoits that were visible from this high point and then it was off again, through the narrow foxes runs, ankle deep in mud, slipping and sliding accompanied from the occasional yelp as the gorse got it’s revenge.
Coming off the moors and onto the road felt much better but this feeling soon disappeared as we reached the decision point – 3 or nearly 6 miles? Mark and I stayed at the rear to collect all of Geoffs signs as we ran past, not seeing ANYONE in front of us we assumed EVERYONE had gone for the 5.5 (they hadn’t by the way) turning into the field we were confronted with the biggest slurry / mud / shit and muck pond I had seen in a long time! no way around, it had to be straight through the middle! you could’ve tried to pussy foot over just the ankle deep sections but no, not us, knee deep in the bloody stuff! the old janner and a couple of walkers just looked on as if to say ‘silly buggers!’
Coming back into the village was a welcome sight, but after all said and done, for those there, don’t it just make you feel great to be alive and be able to do that sort of thing?! I really enjoyed it and sorry I didn’t chat to everyone and wish everyone a Happy New Year but I was listening to Mark all the way round (if you know what I mean!)

Anyway guys and girls a big, big thanks to Geoff Letchford and Mark Omori for this morning, and to you all, thanks for your company, a Happy New Year, and see you soon,


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