Newquay 10K Day! Sunday 5 October by Geoff L

What a night! Gale force winds, torrential rains and so at 7am on the Sunday I look out of the window to see absolute sh*te, nothing has changed and it hasn’t cleared, rain, wind and fog.

 I deep heat massage my calf muscles, double strap them and leave a spare tube rolled down just in case my knee plays up. its great getting old.

I then have for breakfast several hundred ibuprofane to mask the forthcoming pain followed by a good dose of amphetimines and nandrelone. (only joking your honour)

weetabix, a small bottle of lucozade and 2 bananas. I did think about having a Guiness but… nah.

Last race of the GP series, well for me anyway, or do I do the Cornish marathon?

now…. let me have a think ummm, hmmm NOPE


I’ve worked out that I’ve got to get some sort of result here at Newquay if I’m to get in top 3 of GP whether I’m injured or not.

I’ve done as much training as my body allowed to me to do in the 14 days since the Truro half marathon, a grand total of……. well, let me see, day 10 I managed a mile, day 11 I managed 3 miles and day 12 I managed 2 miles, so 6 miles in fortnight, My body then decided that as I had been doing so much I had better take a break, so I did.. great preparation!  How’s that for a weekly mileage total?!?

 Right…….. let’s get Mark O out of the way first. The warning that was given at the start of the childrens fun run about over enthusiastic parents didn’t quite get through as poor Taiyo and the other junior MBH athletes were put through some strange warming up ritual on the start line and then on the finishing straight Mark was seen to get rather excited re the fact that Taiyo was not sprinting fast enough!

Onto Marks pre race prep – Yes we all saw your plastic skin on your blisters and what a wonderful sight it was to behold, then covered in vasoline and maybe a lint?!?. Your feet are minging! That’s one hell of a blister, perhaps we can find ANOTHER way to tie your shoelaces – club talk is that your’re buying your shoes too large?  but in the end you did a bloody good race finishing only 30 seconds behind me and getting a new PB, rumour has it that though a small bottle of liquid tripping juice was used to enhance your performance – I think you should publicly come out and tell the secret – full effect of this little bottle could clearly be seen when you had finished as you seemed to go off onto one of your distant planets by deciding to marshal the end of the course !!

 Back to reality.

It’s a fast start, slightly downhill the first mile so records can be broken.

Tim D did it in 5.02, I ran with Nigel S and we both missed the first mile marker, but I did cop the second one which came up in about 12.30, and that was with a big uphill chucked in for good measure.I was reasonably happy with that but wary of ensuing calf muscle collapse which had already started to complain.

Nigel was easing away form me, then Sam H and John D came by, but all I was worried about was beating Doug Alsop of SRC

I plodded on with my calfs complaining bitterly, Phil S and I swapped places a couple of times and then in last half mile Alfie S came steaming past by me like an express train. I crossed the line, got my goody bag and waited at the finish line to welcome in the next MBH. Was it going to be Ian or Jeremy ? no it can’t be!!!, Holy Moses it’s that great long haired wildebeast Mark O !!! and frighteningly not too far behind –  did I say I wasn’t going to mention him again? oh well.

As for results on the day.

 16 new 10K PBs – Club Standings updated – there are now a total of nearly 90 members who have run and recorded a time for races wearing an MBH vest – WELL DONE ALL – WE ARE GOING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH and this year looks to be our best year ever – all bodes well to even bigger thing for 2009

 Tim D first in for MBH in 12th overall, 36.02 averaging 5.47 a mile. Pretty good I’d say

Nigel S 26th overall, 38.03 ha ha but you still haven’t beaten my best 10k time this season by 5 seconds – so there.

John D 35th overall, quietly as ever did 38.52 averaging 6.15 a mile and 2nd in age cat – not good enough John, must try harder.

Sam H, 39.28, dam good time for a youngster – keep it up.

Me 3rd in age cat, I definitley must try harder

Grace R 3rd girl under 20 (but finished 2nd in the junior GP and won a cash prize!)

Sue T 1st in age cat – brilliant as usual

4th ladies team and 4th mens team.

And a turn out of 31 Mounts Bay Harriers – EXCELLENT

 As for GP standings after 13 races. (8 to count)

The situation may alter for some after marathon, I know it will for me.

 Sue T 1st over 55 female

John D 2nd over 50 male

Geoff L 2nd over 55 male

Nigel S 4th over 45 male

Mark O 5th over 45 male

Nancy H 4th over 40 female

Rachel T 4th under 35 female.

 It does look as though Doug of SRC will knock me into 3rd spot after the marathon as he will probably get 100 points off it.

Nothing against Doug he’s a great guy and get on with him well but I’m not sure the points system is working because I’ve raced him head to head 8 times and beaten him 7 times?!?!

He beat me in the half marathon which I did as a damage limitation exercise and just to make sure i got my 8 races, but good on him anyway, he’ll will be in older age cat next year – bloody good job for that

 Great turn out MBH keep at it.

 As usual post race celebrations were excellent 25 ventured to the Little Indian eatery – consumed copious amounts of spicy food and alcohol and ended up at a Karoake – what does it go like again Jer……..altogether —- Yesterday, Mark Omori was so far away, from my PB that I set the other day, oh I wish it was yesterday!!

 Geoff L

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