Parkrun at Tehidy Woods

Dear Clubs,

Cornwall Sports Partnership through Run Cornwall are in the process of setting up a non competitive weekly timed run to enable runners to see how they are progressing and also to set themselves targets to aim to improve on. We are close to securing a venue to hold this event. Parkrun is a free, weekly, 5km, timed run that is open to all ages and abilities. Currently there are approximately 200 events that take place every week in the UK and more recently in other countries. They are free, for participants, to take part in and require runners to register on-line for a unique athlete number and to print their own identification barcode before taking part.

We are currently looking for people who are interested in helping to get the started and off the ground and be part of a group to run the event on a weekly basis in either as a marshal or to be as part of a committee to manage the event.

As runners cross the finish line, their time is recorded electronically by a volunteer using a stopwatch that can export data to a computer. The runner is also handed a tag which tells them their finish position. Runners then take the tag to a second volunteer who scans the runner’s personal barcode and scans a barcode on their finish tag. This allows a computer system to record the finish position and identify of each runner. The finish times and athlete numbers (with their finish position) are uploaded to the internet which automatically generates the results tables and statistics on the parkrun web site. The use of the unique runner number allows the web site to collate historical data including personal bests, overall performance and total number of runs.

I would be grateful if you could forward this out to members of your clubs and if anyone would like more information, please contact Lewis Sanders or Bruce Lockie on 01872 323344

Lewis Sanders
Project Coordinator

Tel: 01872 323335
Mob: 07527 470537

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