Penzance Triathlon (Marshals)

Listed below is everyone who has confirmed that they can help out.  If your name is not on the list and you can marshal from 8am to approx 12 midday at the latest, I would be extremely grateful.  Please let me know your t-shirt size if possible:-

Sue Matthews
Jamie Matthews
Nathan Cole
Tom Hill
Dave Marston
Helen Webb
Ailsa Scott
Ceri Drew
Sue Rouncefield
Janet Chapple
Kaz Drew
Jean Marston
Ian Matthews
Nancy Hill
Delia Treseder
Geoff Letchford
Phil Sanger
Sam Perkin
Steve Chapple
John Parkes
John Doyle
Dave (Tristan’s friend)
Mark Omari
Matt Foley
Tim Drew
Paul Hooper
Des O’Connell’s wife
Geoff Cole
Peter Silk, wife, son and daughter
Joyce James
Charlotte Davey
Graham Storer
Helen or Chloe Burrows
Tim Pullen
Ges Wallis
Noel Kindon
Kate R
Gabriel (Kate R’s mum)
Dan Lugg
Fiona Treseder
Ian’s Mum
Sue’s Mum
Alistair Stephens
Shay Bowen
Dianna Bowen
Don Hutchinson
Rob Bainbridge
Ronnie James
Angie Tiller
Phil Bristow
Rachel Tresidder
Juliette Knowles

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