Penzance Wheelers Boxing Day 10 mile TT

A cold and slightly blustery morning on the Leedstown course, the weather was dry but a few corners were a bit greasy! Great to see Jonno, Swiss, Nige (who cycled over from Long Rock), Rob B, Charlotte H and Graham Patrick (junior member Josefs dad) from MBH. Sam Lewis was cycling around with few friends supporting – don’t know why they didn’t sign up really?! A large contingent from the ever growing One & All Club (I do like their kit) made the numbers up, and with a total of 34 signed on was probably the busiest Boxing Day TT yet.
Many thanks to Penzance Wheelers in particular Gary James, who was battling the effects of having a run in with Mr Jack Daniels the eve before and to his fellow helpers – Matt, Andrew, Richard and Peter who ensured all went smoothly.
I was pleasanntly pleased to get under 30 as that was my aim for this time of year, a result I was extremely surprised with as I couldn’t shift over to the front big chainring for the last 7 miles!


1. Jake Alderman O+A 26.12
2. Luke Pye PZW 26.57
3. Mark Hooper O+A 27.00
4. John Fazakerley PZW 27.12
5. Hari Slade PZW 27.23
6. Ricci and Tony O+A 27.49 (2UP)
7. Pete Jory O+A 28.29
8. Tristan Harris PZW 28.53
9. Henry Mathews PZW 28.54
10. Andrew Hoskin NV 28.56
11. Duncan Haywood O+A 29.10
12. Jonno Gibbins MBH 29.16
13. Ian Matthews MBH 29.24
14. James Tugwell Team Fit 29.34
15 Ray Tucker N/A 30.24
16. Dave Tigwell BHPC 30.27
17. Stan Thompson O+A 30.29
18. Graham Patrick N/A 30.33
19. Tony and Charles O+A 30.33 (2UP)
20. Mike Hooper O+A 30.35
21. James and Michael O+A 31.02
22. Ricky Parsons O+A 31.06
23. Mark Taylor O+A 31.14
24. Nigel Sims MBH 31.20
25. Dale Reardon PZW 31.34
26. Pete Woodford O+A 31.46
27. Martina Geraghty N/A 32.00
28. Lloyd Peters PZW 32.12
29. Patrick Duffy PZW 33.14
30. Charlotte Hurst MBH 33.44
31. Janet Pye PZW 34.42
32. Jason Burridge PZW 35.58
33. Phil McNevin MBH 36.57
34. Rob Bainbridge MBH 43.15

Another chance to burn off some more Christmas Pud calories tomorrow at 10.30 for the St Levan Coastal run

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