Penzance Wheeler’s Xmas 10 mile Time Trial – 26 December 2007

December 26, 2007
12:00 pm

Leedstown course

Although the roads were wet from overnight rain, it was a fine and sunny morning with little wind. Another record field for recent years, but I think that PZW were outnumbered by MBH. I’m going to have to insist that any PZW riders who want to miss a race in future must bring a note from their Mum.

Interestingly all the PZWs were on standard road bikes while many of the MBHs had tri-bars. Someone may care to do a Phd on this. Anyway, in the absence of visiting pros local riders prevailed and competition was close, but a certain amount of anononomity was preserved because there were no surnames on the results sheet. Tristan was a little slower than last year, but an amazing performance considering his extensive recent noctural activities (which even took preference over the Big Breakfast Ride – so must be serious and may have to be discussed at the next committee meeting). A big thank you for Terry organising the race yet again and to Neil for helping to officiate. [26/12/07]

1 Tony 26-54
2 Neil 27-42
3 Tristan 28-38
4 Ian 29-33
5 Ian 29-58
6 Peter 29-59
7= Tristan 32-39
7= Matt 30-04
7= Harry 30-04
9 Nick 31-43
10 Gail 32-28
11 Chris 35-06
12 Rob 35-18
13 Delia 36-29
14 Yvonne 38-52
15 Sean 39-12
16 Robert 43-19

16 riders  

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