Pete wins An Res

A thick mist descended over Helston Rugby Club for the start of this years An Res Hellys ? The Race of Helston. 36 harriers were joined by?456 other runners and had the dilemma of how many layers to wear, would the sun shine through and burn off the mist and warm the day or was this in for the day?

I had bumped into Pete LeGrice in Penzance town on Saturday afternoon and mentioned it was An Res tomorrow, he said doubtful as he had so much work to do at home, but would love to run it, it was a pleasure to see him rack up and enter on the day!

Registration area was packed inside the rugby club, thank god it wasn?t raining, and thankfully I didn?t hear of anyone this year being caught of by the hour added on for British Summer Time (well didn?t admit it anyway) ? RANT APPROACHING ? Sue and I make the effort to turn up nice and early to sort numbers, we try and sell the places of those that have previously said they?re not running to save you money! Now if you are not going to run for any reason or you are going to be late a text would go well ? this means then we can try and sell your place to someone who enters on the day and we can also organise a team photograph and warm up ourselves! Waiting for no or late shows is very frustrating and doesn?t help with our own pre race prep ? please help us to help you.

A lot of nervous energy from a few MBHers, Eileen M, Fiona H, Mick R and Gill J all new for this distance and course (although some have done a half) a quick re assurance and they looked more at ease.

Andrew, Jer and myself arranged to meet at the finish soon after we had completed the 10 to have an 8 mile cool down in prep for London which is 3 weeks today ? oh good news, Noel K is coming along with us! Please none of the Noel treatment today!

At about 10.20 the runners made their way out onto the road ready for the off. Dead on 10.30 Ceri blew her horn and off we all went speeding up the road. My god it was fast! As we approached the double roundabout at the bottom of Helston main street the Garmin bleeped – My first mile clocked 5.49 and I could see the faster runners about 200m in front, what pace were they running??!?

Onto the path towards Penrose House, and great to see that part of it has now been tarmacced, so much nicer to run on ? please do the rest!

The luxury of a smooth surface was short lived as we climbed the first hill and headed towards Looe Bar Beach followed by the uphill coastal path ? KILLER ? I could just make out in front what I thought was an MBH vest near the front, and another 4 behind ? I was 6th man!

I passed a few on the ?not so slippery this year? mud coastal path and smiled as I passed the spot where I had twisted my ankle on Monday ? little did I know i was being stalked!

Yvonne Watkins did a brill job in taking snaps of MBH runners and her encouragement was very welcome ? you?re gonna fly in that 70.3!

Coming into Gunwalloe the sun burnt through and the temperature suddenly rocketed AND the ?stalker? got me! 7th team man now and going backwards ? the MBH Tri Bike route that I blasted on Saturday was having an effect – You?re not injured Myles! More climbing as we approached Culdrose Football pitches and there was Shawny G ? (why wasn?t he running for his London prep?) and yet another ?stalker? flew past me ? Jeremy Marston! (I?m now bleedy 8th) Twas good to see Mhairi out on the course taking a few snaps – will be a lot better when we see her back in that MBH vest racing again tho’!!

The last 2 miles seemed to drag but at least I didn?t lose any more places either within our own team or the race overall!

A little disappointed as I was only 10 seconds off my 10 mile PB, so all in all not a bad day in near perfect running conditions.

Upon finishing I grew a huge smile upon hearing that our very own Peter LeGrice had won the race in a time of 56.34 ? Jer, Andrew, me and Noel then went trotting off back down toward Gunwalloe to get in our 8 mile cooldown ? I suffered, not the best confidence booster for London! It was a pleasure to see James, Wendy and their new baby Joshua at the finish – come on guys, we could do with you both back running!

Another moan ? Cornwall Council (as well as ripping us off for a ?60 an hour for this years Jubilee Pool Aquathlons) seemed to be really cutting back! The quality of T shirt was pretty poor I thought, although the trophies were of a good standard ? note to organisors ? only a few talented lucky ones and usually the same names win the accolades, and probably have boxes of them in the loft, whereby the majority all get a T shirt that means so much more to them than winning ? a decent quality shirt wouldn?t cost the earth and would ensure massive numbers in future years!

Running towards fellow MBHers coming into the finish still makes me so proud of what we have achieved ? WELL DONE to all of you

At the presentation Pete unfortunately couldn?t stay, if you watched the channel 4 program you?ll know why!

Peter Le Grice – 1st overall and 1st male under 30
Geoff Letchford – 1st male 55-59
Clive Hibbert – 2nd Male 65+
Carol Randall – 2nd female 40-44
Eileen Milsom – 2nd female 60+
mens team – 3rd!! Pete LeGrice, Geoff Letchford, Rich Savage, Phil Sanger, Andrew Hickson, Myles Faulkner – only teams to beat us were the A & B CAC team

Full results HERE

1 0:56:34 LEGRICE, Peter (1st under 30 Male – PB)
21 1:03:32 SAVAGE, Rich (PB)
30 1:05:05 HICKSON, Andrew
33 1:05:21 LETCHFORD, Geoff
39 1:06:24 SANGER, Phil
54 1:08:06 FAULKNER, Miles (PB)
56 1:08:15 MARSTON, Jeremy
58 1:08:24 MATTHEWS, Ian
80 1:11:03 STEPHENS, Alastair (PB)
112 1:14:24 RICHARDS, Steven (PB)
121 1:14:49 ANGOVE, Paul (PB)
122 1:14:50 RANDALL, Carol (PB)
149 1:17:37 BOWEN, Shay
153 1:18:02 JAMES, Ian (PB)
181 1:20:15 GREGORY, Dave (PB)
191 1:21:11 MCCLAY, Karen
199 1:22:01 HIBBERT, Clive
204 1:22:11 HOOPER, Paul
210 1:22:48 BOUCHER, Richard
212 1:22:57 RINGWOOD, Michael (PB)
219 1:23:27 PERKIN, Sam
232 1:23:58 MOONEY, Judith
244 1:24:53 BARLOW, Thea (PB)
265 1:26:42 LAWLESS, Joanna (PB)
293 1:29:21 MARSTON, David
321 1:32:06 HEWETT, Fiona (PB)
328 1:32:37 BURROWS, Robert
329 1:32:44 SQUIRE, Mark
330 1:32:47 JOHNS, Gillian (PB)
335 1:33:42 KANE, Duncan
336 1:33:43 GREENAWAY, John
349 1:36:08 TREWHELLA, Chris
357 1:37:02 MATTHEWS, Susan
359 1:37:07 BAINBRIDGE, Robert
361 1:37:46 SQUIRE, Helen
403 1:44:02 MILSOM, Eileen (PB)

The mens team got 3rd as you know but it wasn’t the picking up of any trophies that made my day – it was the ‘extreme happiness’ of our nearest rivals and hoots of congratulations (not) upon MBH being announced 3rd that made my day!! Thanks Guys in green!

Don?t forget it?s up to Carn Brea track on Wednesday evening for the session ? spread the word!

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