Plymouth Half Marathon 2010

hpim4911MBH were well represented at Plymouth Half this year – two minibuses plus those who went up under their own steam.?

Results in Excel format Here?- Link to website results HERE

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Highlights – 5000 runners – Mike Robinson finishes 10th overall, new PBs for lots of MBH, Clive and Dave finish 3rd & 4th in the same AG, Dan Lugg lifts car off one of the leading men as he got run over!!

It was a very hot and sunny day in Plymouth (unlike in Penzance) and sweat was pouring off everyone just from walking from the minibus to the start area!?

There were queues for the loos and for baggage – but when the baggage-handlers realised that there were 10 minutes to go to the start, and the queue was still a couple of hundred metres long, they just let everyone leave their bags in a pile and they sorted them out for retrieval later.

Getting into the correct starting pen was worse than at the London Marathon.? There were spectators with prams, etc just?standing?at the start of the entrance to the pens and getting in the way.?

Once the gun went off it took me about four minutes to cross the line and then it is just over a mile of downhill – this is where everyone fights to get some space as there are people everywhere going faster than they would normally.? They didn’t see so fast trying to run up through Saltram Park later!

There were four water and two sponge stations on the course, which were gratefully received.? It was hot out there!?

Those of you who have done Plymouth before know that the final stage of the course is the same as the start – so what goes down, must go up!? There is a mile or so of uphill, you can see the finish and all your friends shouting for you but you just can’t get there, you have to run in circles to get to the centre of the spiral!
Once finished you are handed a medal, t-shirt, bottle of water and goody bag and then its the food marquee!!? Apples, oranges, pasties, sausage rolls, flapjacks, muffins, Go bars, energy drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Mars bars, mints, the list goes on……

And then sit down for a well-deserved rest.? Don’t try and get up again as the legs won’t let you!

Our final runner in was Dan Lugg, who was telling us about how he had to lift a car off one of the lead runners as he had been run over!?? I don’t know?any of?the details about this at all but I’m sure we will hear about it.

Well done to all that ran – there were some PBs out there. Mhari Saville finished in 1:35 knocking 10 minutes off her last half marathon time. First timers were Thea Barlow and Laura.

NAME Cat Pos Chip Time Chip Pos
Mike Robinson 7 01:16:35 10
Phil Sanger 34 01:24:39 53
Andrew Hickson 12 01:26:45 82
Ian Matthews 12 01:29:03 125
Sam Perkin 133 01:33:53 232
Mhairi Saville 13 01:34:37 255
Rachel Tresidder 17 01:36:18 326
Philip Mcnevin 583 01:49:48 1158
Paul Hooper 46 01:49:23 1124
Clive Hibbert 3 01:52:45 1385
Duncan Kane 158 01:54:17 1518
Thea Barlow 104 01:56:09 1719
Mark Squire 84 01:56:53 1771
Yvonne Turner 32 01:55:54 1687
Tammy Rosewall 127 01:55:41 1657
Laura Shaw 11 01:58:05 1886
David Marston 4 01:59:20 2004
Judith Mooney 56 01:58:39 1941
Yvonne Watkins 49 02:07:26 2594
Helen Squire 50 02:09:20 2734
Sue Matthews 58 02:08:51 2696
Delia Treseder 105 02:19:50 3537
Daniel Lugg 1651 03:02:45 4618

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