Plymouth Triathlon – Sunday, 1 July 2007

Well two of us represented MBH – Helen Webb and Yvonne Turner.

Plymouth Tri had a lot of problems last year which they appear to have righted this.  The swim was a two lap course whereby after the first lap you had to get out on the slipway and jump back in again.  There were so many marshals on surfboards that it was impossible to go wrong!

Onto the bike and off up the hill to McDonalds and Morrisions.  I did consider stopping for a BigMac but didn’t have any money on me.  And then a long slog up and down to the turnaround point.  This gives you a good view of who is in front of you and when you turn round, who is behind you.  In my case everyone was in front of me and not many behind!

 I don’t really know what to say about the run except that it was very hard.  My worst 10k time ever – it was even worse than at the St Ives Triathlon a few weeks ago!  It consisted of running along the coastal path for best part of the route which was more up than down plus a nicely named incline called Murder Hill – I wonder why!!

Still it helps being old – I came first in my age group (but then again I was the only one in my age group!)  Helen came third in her age group but they were only giving out prizes for 1st and 2nd and she’d gone by then anyway!!

Plymouth Triathlon 2007 Results (Provisional)

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