St Michael’s Mount Remembrance Run – Sunday, 11 November 2007 @ 11.02am

A 4.2-4.5 mile or so beach run (depending on the tide) on sand, shingle, pebbles, seaweed, and anything else the tide cares to wash up!  £1 of entry fee goes to the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. 
2 minutes silence beforehand. 
Remembrance Run 2007 Entry Form
Remembrance Run 2007 Registration Details
Run Map
Car park – Jamie Matthews, Nathan Cole, Tom Hill (from 8.30am)
Registration & Time-keepers – Sue Matthews, Janet Chapple, Nancy Hill, Kate R (from 8.30am)
Direct people to start – Kate’s Mum
River crossing – Tim Pullen (in yellow wellies) and Dave (from 10.30am)
Footbridge – Tristan Harris (bring cones) (from 10am to set up barriers)
Marshals at pipes – Steph Mackley & Gabriel, Mark Omori, Jeremy Marston, John Doyle (from 10.30am)
Turnaround point/water/number taking – Geoff Cole, Graham Storer, Ian Matthews (from 10.30am)
Finish – Kate’s Mum (water), Phil & Sam Lawley (bouncers!) (from 10.30am)

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