Robin Hood Marathon – 12th September 2010

The 30th Robin Hood Marathon

Sam at the start
Sam at the start

I planned at the start of 2010 to run this Marathon which everyone from MBH and Carn runners knew, as I’ve gone on about it enough. Unfortunately my running season has not been great due to numerous injuries and snags, so as I’ve done hardly any proper training these last four months I wasn’t expecting a great time.

My Mate Tim “Fat Boy” Rowe from Carn runners was supposed to be running this Marathon as well, but had to pull out due to eating too many cakes all week which made him sick. Hmmmm!

My race plan was to just get round and enjoy it. Everyone who?i’ve spoken to down here who has run this marathon told me what a great course it was, and they were right! It was a good race – loads and loads of encouragement and support on this figure of eight course which was very well organised.

Well, the start of the day was extremely hot with the sun was beating down. Just great I thought, not only did I have a sprained ankle to contend with but hydration was going to be a big factor during the race, although while queuing for the toilet I did manage to tap-up a lovely lady and her daughter up who let me have some of their sun tan lotion, so thank you to them!

Yes I did manage a pre-race massage and I was quite happy to have two hot trainee female masseurs rubbing my legs! Beautiful! I bet you can all envision that! Ha!

It did make me smile!

You all know me, and yes I did forget something -?Vaseline. Doh! So a?quick trip to the first aid tent, before I went to my pen. Now I put down 3.15 hours for a finish time but I was never going to get that. I thought i’d be lucky with 4-4.20, so I found the 3 hour 45 pen and began chatting. It was an absolutely great atmosphere – ?even when we started running I yapped for a few miles and?I nearly came a cropper three of four times as other runners clipped my feet – the joy of a mass start I suppose, which didn’t thin out until gone five miles.

Hangin in there
Hangin in there

As we ran through Nottingham city centre, a massive park past Wollaton Hall and back to the start my pace was feeling good, my ankle was feeling ok, and although the first ten miles were a little bit undulating some bloke had collapsed by the side of the road with loads of ambulance workers around him. He was out cold, oh well! Just after him as I weaved my way through the 15000 odd runners I over took the 1.45 pacer for the half marathon which I did not anticipate at 10 miles but everything felt good so I carried on.

I have no idea where we all ran after that but there was a stretch through some woods along the river Trent a bit more of the city centre there was grass, gravel and a short section of dirt track you name it we ran on it before hitting the road again. We even ran around a big lake before turning back towards the finish.

Drink stops were every 3 miles-ish after the half marathon they were also giving out gel’s and lucozade drinks. There were loads of spectators who were there with jelly babies a couple of kids were squirting people with water pistols, it was really good!

There was just a really good vibe everywhere!

I hit the 20 mile point at 2.43.00. I was feeling quite fresh and?my pace hadn’t dwindled but now the wind had picked up and it was getting chilly but I felt good. Now it began to cross my mind that I could go sub 3-30, and I was tempted to pick up the pace but thought no it’s a long six miles and although I picked off a member of the 1000 mile marathon club on his 226th marathon (nutter). At 23 miles I could feel myself beginning to hit a wall, and my legs were beginning to fatigue. I could hear the crowds in the distance which kept me going and at 26 miles with 400 yards to go, my garmin stopped at 3.29.07 so I pushed hard and came in 3.30.18 which I’m over the moon with seeing as i’ve done no distance, stamina or speed training!

Yes I did have a painful post race massage followed by a post race meal in HOOTERS – yea baby its where the waitresses serve your food on roller skates wearing not very much! And yes, I do have photos! Me, my medal and three lucky, lucky ladies! Oh yea!

I’ll put the photos on facebook!

Perkin pulls it off
Perkin pulls it off

I shall be updating the Marathon Hall of Fame soon so all MBH’ers who have completed a Marathon this year, send me your times on the forum please!

Sam Perkin