Rock Solid – Escot Park

Yvonne Turner, Linzi Chappell, Jo Clarke and Stacey Nicholas took part in the tough 10k which consisted of running, jumping, crawling, pulling, swimming, sliding and climbing your way through 37 obstacles including 6 and 8 foot walls, 20 foot cargo nets, barbed wire, swamps, tunnels, ponds, pontoons, an ice bath, water slides as well as carrying a sandbag on your shoulders for over a mile whilst negotiating your way through tunnels, over walls and climbing through tyres and carrying a log up and hill and then back down again as well as climbing over hay bales of various heights. To finish off there was a one-mile run. Mud was the order of the day with the warm-up consisting of push-ups and rolling around on the ground so that you were muddy from head to toe before you started!

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