S45/10 10 mile Club Time Trial – Leedstown – 14 June 2007

June 14, 2007
7:00 pm

Just enter on the night.

Start on B3302 approximately 3/4 mile North of Leedstown Village at the small lay-by prior to Fraddam Garage (GR SW584349). Proceed Southwards on B3302 through Leedstown. Care on bends at the base of the hill. At the junction of the B3302 and B3303,Crowntown, turn sharp left, care, on to B3303 to Praze-an-Beeble where left on to B3280, caution – raised manhole covers and continue for 1.2 miles. Finish some 600 yards before Leedstown village at a point level with XXXXXXX (GR SW612349). Intermediate mileages (approx.): – Junction of B3302/B3303 5.2 Praze-an-Beeble 8.8

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