S6/10 10 mile Club Time Trial – B3275 Tresillian, Truro – 6 June 2007

June 6, 2007
7:00 pm

Enter on the night.

Start on B3275 (formerly the A390) at entrance to Trecurno, approximately 100 yards West of layby and 0.5 mile East of Tresillian (GR SW879470). Proceed Northeastwards for approximately 0.5 mile where turn left, still on B3275. Continue northeastwards on B3275 through Ladock anD Newmills to turn at Brighton Roundabout. Retrace outward route through Newmills and Ladock. Finish at a point 5 yards before a field gate and 0.25 mile North of, and prior to, the B3275/Probus to Tresillian Road junction. (GR SW 887476) Intermediate distance: – Brighton Cross 5.4 miles

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