Saltash Aquathlon 2011

I thought I’d rise early to take a look at the Marazion middle and standard distance triathlons before making my way up to Saltash for this years aquathlon.
Watching the swim I knew I had made the right choice of event for the day!! cold, choppy and very un – inviting – Neil Eddy and Dave Bartlettt made it look so simple as they worked together to exit the water first at the same time, a nice touch from the two cycle logic boys high fiving each other as they ran up the beach. Andrew H, Simon J and his Mrs, and many others commented on the chap who went into the water without a wetsuit, saying ‘little does he know, he’s gonna suffer’ – imagine how we felt when he exited the water in 3rd place – top swim!! RESPECT
So who’d we have in? I’m not certain who was doing what distance as both races started the same time, but I saw Neil E (I’m claiming him!), Kyle K, Mark W , Matt L, Jonno G, Scott M, Nick B, Sam P (apologies if I missed anyone)
A few got hauled out through hypothermia, a few cause they tried to drink the contents of Mounts Bay and a couple who shouldn’t have really started as I heard it was the first time they had swum in the sea or the first time in a wetsuit.
A couple of, what I would call, the more seasoned triathletes looked in a bad way, Juliet K, Janet W, Sam P, Gary P, Lisa W, well done if you finished (I left after the swim)
I think Sam P will be writing the Sam P report later, he was last out the swim, so get ready for the story, probably he fought off a great white before coming into the beach! but we do love him – he talks for England!

(Marazion Middle results HERE

Marazion Standard results HERE)

Anyway onto the Saltash – I do like this race – 500m pool swim and a 2 lap 5km run, Great to see some of the juniors there, and didn’t they do well.
Toby Osborne, 6th overall and 1st in AG (boy 9-10)
Josh May, 7th overall and 2nd in AG (boy 9 – 10)
Lauren Davis 8th overall and 2nd in AG (girl 11-12)
Rosie Davis 9th overall and 3rd in AG (girl 11-12)
Mawgan Osborne 11th overall
The juniors can certainly swim!!
It was great to see Bob Brown, not racing, but he’s put together a triathlon squad from his school, he must be passing on some of his vast experience as all his group performed really well (I’ve also invited him down to the club again for another motivational talk and to share some of his experiences with his mammoth runs, cycles and deca ironman adventures – watch this space for a date)
For the seniors it was only Jack Davis and myself – I’m still bit ‘hamstringy’ and didn’t know how the leg would hold in a hilly 5k, but with Plymouth half next week I needed to give it a run
I though I had a good lane! being the closest to the exit, but didn’t prove so – the pool was murkey and the light didn’t fall on the lane making visibility poor – what did I do!!?? 5th length, tumble turn and missed the bleedy wall! now facing the wrong direction I needed to turn, scrabble back and touch the wall so not to get DQ’d – what a muppet! anyway about 30 secs down on 2 years ago with a 8.27 500m, no records there! onto the run – a little windy and hilly in places so pleased to come in at 20.50 for 5K to finish 8th overall and 3rd in the old gits 40-49 AG (over a minute slower than 2 years ago) but pleased I’d entered
Hamstring now knackered again, so in 2 minds to do our Jubilee Pool aquathlon next Saturday and then Plymouth Half on Sunday – decisions, decisions.
All in all a great friendly race and again I recommend all to enter next year.

Results of adults and juniors HERE

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