Saltash Half Marathon 2007

Stupidly went up and did this race today – after a night of over indulgance, including a Ganges special at midnight this was not the best pre race prep! Up at 6, head throbbing, mouth like a camels arm pit and off we go, If I run this race I won’t feel quite as guilty for last night – how many of us have said that? A Couple of bottles of water gurgled down, a GO bar munched on and the Tamar Bridge is now in sight.

Several trips to the Turdis at the race start (as Jason Pascoe, found very amusing) this was not going to be an easy run – my stomach was gurgling away pretty bad coupled with the fact that I had inadvertantly put Sues race vest in my bag that was more like a straight jacket (thank god I didn’t pick up her crop top!) and ample supplies of bog paper stuffed into the top of my shorts, in case of emergency I was not a pretty sight

215 runners lined up at the start, not many from ‘down our way’ but hoards of Tamar Trotters and at 10am we all ran up hill through Saltash main street, closed to traffic for the occasion – the 13 miles winds its way around many housing estates and ends up out in the country. For those who know the Mag 7 route at Saltash (part of the GP series, so some may be fortunate to get to know what I mean later in the year) This is one hell of a hard hilly route as it virtually traces the Mag 7 route and then some! coupled with humid, hot and windy conditions it makes Launceston Half feel a doddle.

I must congratulate Tamar Trotters and the people of Saltash and surrounding areas as there were loads of marshals, all giving encouragement and one thing that really seemed very different from many local races was the amount of local support, spectators, house holders along the route, some had even set up there ‘own’ water and feed stations outside their houses! oranges, jelly babies even chocolate were all on offer – the kids were fantastic cheering and waving at every turn and every runner.

At about mile 8 you greet the leaders coming back the other way, Jason P was leading the way at this stage, but you can’t really judge your own position as you loop around yet more lanes.

About mile 9 – that’s really cruel to put that so late in the race (you’ll come across this ascent of Mountain SaltyAsh on the Mag 7 also! be warned)

Onto the last 3 miles, a fast long downhill section, surely there can’t anymore hills?! Ah but yes, another real leg sapper and eventually we join the top of the main Saltash high street for a descent to the finish, once again lined with spectators, loud speaker system picking out all the runners as they fly over the finish line.

The race was eventually won by Neil Nolmes from Erme Valley in a time of 1.18.43, second was Peter Monagham from Torquay and Jason managed to hang onto third in a time of 1.23.31

Yours truly struggled over the line in 30th place in 1.34.26 – rubbed raw due to a girly sized top that cut up into my armpits, blood pooring from my poor nips – something you may find amusing – remember the bog paper? Due to the humid, sticky and sweaty conditions I crossed the line with what looked like the worse case of pubic dandruff ever and a paper mache moulding of my nether region! I was a real mess! would I do this race again? you bet, it’s a great character builder and next time I’ll be more prepared

Full results from

Another MBH member who had a lot more success today was Ronnie J who ran the Great West run, over 2000 runners started this half marathon distance race in Exeter

and Ronnie, who runs for CAC, (MBH are his 2nd claim club) produced an excellent comeback race in preparation for his Australian Gold Coast Marathon to finish 5th in a time of 1.14.30 – you see training with MBH really does pay dividends! WELL DONE RONNIE.

Yvonne and Graham are racing tomorrow at The Kernow 5 at Launceston – we await the report

Don’t forget club still meets at 7 Bank Holiday Monday ‘outside’


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