Soggy Treggy 7!!

What a start to the race with low cloud and a torrential downpour 15 minutes before the start. Warm ups were short and quick with many runners huddled in shop doorways waiting for the starting gun.

What is Mark doing!!! (Click on photo for a closer look)

A bit of a squash at the beginning but the long down hill section made for a fast start and allowed for an even spread of runners. The course was undulating (as all races in Cornwall are) and quite scenic if you have time to admire the view.

All thoughts however were soon focused on the fast approaching and well known hill at mile 3. It?s got a reputation of being the ?hill of hell? and for some people it lived up to its name. It?s hard to remain focused on your race plan when people ahead of you are already walking!

However once the hill was over the rest of the race went quite smoothly with some good flat sections and nice gentle down hills. The marshals were great, helping the runners cross busy sections of road and remained encouraging despite being soaked through. The finish was quick and ended in the beautiful grounds of Launceston Castle. A great goody bag was provided with lots of snacks and a t-shirt.

Well done to Stephen for completing his first race as a Mounts Bay Harrier in 49:08. Newly signed Carol had a great run in 50:56 and helped Mounts Bay Ladies team to secure 2nd place along with Rachel, Nancy and Mhairi.

Individual prizes include:
Rich 3rd 40-44 age group
Clive 2nd 60-65 age group
Mhairi 3rd under 35
Nancy 3rd 40-45 age group.

Fantastic performances from everyone and a great turnout for Mounts Bay Harriers.

21 0:44:48 SAVAGE, Rich – 3rd male 40-44
23 0:45:23 WALKER, Jason
50 0:48:00 OMORI, Mark
52 0:48:07 SAVILLE, Mhairi – 3rd female under 35
59 0:49:08 ELLISON, Stephen
78 0:50:06 HILL, Nancy – 3rd female 40-44
79 0:50:12 TRESIDDER, Rachel
91 0:50:56 RANDALL, Carol
142 0:55:46 ANGOVE, Paul
156 0:57:18 MCNEVIN, Philip
159 0:57:34 MASON, Zoe
160 0:57:38 PERKIN, Sam
166 0:57:53 HIBBERT, Clive – 2nd male 60-65
171 0:58:03 BOUCHER, Richard
177 0:58:42 KANE, Duncan
215 1:02:10 CLARKE, Joanne
255 1:06:24 SQUIRE, Mark
257 1:06:32 WATKINS, Yvonne
278 1:08:58 SQUIRE, Helen

Full results HERE

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