St Agnes Frostbite Triathon – Sunday, 5 December 2010

December 5, 2010
11:00 am

Dear all,

I’m inviting you to take part in the second St Agnes Frostbite Triathlon.

After the success of last years event, this year matters will be broadly similar – same glittering array of prizes, and as much food and drink after as you can eat and drink (and buy). Hopefully the weather will be kinder – last year conditions were far too good, with no rain and temperatures well above 10 degrees.

This is a low key, low stress event designed principally to make money for Cornish Hospices, and to give us something to talk about in the pub.

Date: Sun 6/12
Time :11.00
Where: St Agnes beach
Swim: Around a mark. Distance: short. Wetsuits are not compulsory. Indeed, there will be a 5 minute time penalty if they are employed.
Bike: About 15km on and off road. Drafting is encouraged.
Run: About 6km, on and off road.
Rules: Anybody moaning about the inevitable wind/rain/cold will be fined ?2 to the charity. For each offence.
Prizes: There will probably be some.
Cost: ?12

What do you get: A warm fuzzy glow when that first pint of Doom slips down afterwards, knowing you’ve helped a worthy cause, and some good exercise on what is likely to be a lousy day.

Money please with acceptance, the numbers will have to be kept low as the organisational infrastructure is minimal. First come first served.

If like Tim Baker you consider yourself too old for something so foolhardy but would still like to support the charity, I can of course accept your ?12 without an entry.

Thanks Tim.

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