St Ives Bay Standard Distance Triathlon – Sunday, 3rd June 2007

Well I’m really glad I didn’t enter!! (it is my birthday) But some of MBHs hardcore did!! Well Done to Matt S, Nick H, Paul H, Scott M, Sue H, Yvonne T, Kyle K and Nick B – A long swim (although flat) more like 2300m than 1500m I think saw the first swimmer out in about 28 minutes – young Kyle was 3rd out the water!! – also good fast swims from Brooksy and Sue, Yvonne seemed to cope well with the distance – Nick H lost his goggles then snapped his chain on the first hill – and what a bloody hill!!

Here’s a few photos I took on my phone – I expect a few race reports will be posted shortly – well done to those who even lined upon the start line let alone finished what will no doubtly be tagged the toughest, hilliest triathlon in Cornwall (if not the country)


Well I done it and got the long-sleeved t-shirt to prove it!I waited for the majority of the competitors to start the swim before I got in the water as the last thing I wanted was to be kicked and hit, so I just swam up the outside until I found no one around me and just kept heading for the flags.  I seemed to be swimming a long time before the second lap was completed and looking at my watch it had taken me 43 mins to do 1500 metres – something wrong there, it would normally take me 30 mins.And so into transition where my wetsuit decided it didn’t want to come off in one go and so I ended up sitting on the floor pulling it off!  Luckily I had a bowl of water to wash all the sand off my feet before putting shoes on. 

And so onto the bike – not at the mount line but about 20 metres further up the hill where it was flatter.  I  then zig-zagged up the hill which was like cycling up Everest.  I didn’t fall off this time, but then Matt Lewis wasn’t there!  (For those who don’t know I fell off in front of him at Fowey Tri last year going up a steep hill out of transition.)

The bike course was hilly to say the least.  Lots of steep ascents and fast descents.  I’m not strong going up hills and so best part of the competitors I beat on the swim passed me on the bike.  Coming back into transition from the main road was also fun.  I was on my brakes the whole way down as there were two cars in front of me crawling along.

The run course was hilly as well.  Up the steps to the railway bridge, up the steps over the railway bridge, up the hill, a short descent and then up another steeper hill, along the road a bit and down a very steep hill – and then do it all again!!  Complete all that with a lap of the beach and I’d completed the first St Ives Bay Triathlon!! 

I was the last MBH member to finish and got a lot of support from everyone – many thanks.  Ian and Sue were out on the course as well – on his birthday too!!


St Ives Triathlon 2007 Results

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