St Ives Biathlon – Saturday, 30 June 2007

Considering what the weather was like all day I don’t think anyone was looking forward to this event except for the likes of Nick and Shay!  Rain and high winds were not something I was looking forward to. 

On the night it was a lovely smooth swim with the sun showing it’s face just as you’re trying to sight where the beach was! 

Ian and Don decided to take the scenic routes, Nigel came out with his eyes as red as anything because his googles kept leaking.  Susie (5th female) and Carl Harwood (23rd) done really well in the Open Race, with the rest of the Red Caps (denoting being old) putting up a good show in the Veterans Race. 

Well done to Shay Bowen for coming 2nd, Nick Brooks 6th, Mark Worledge 11th, Ian Matthews 14th, Nigel Sims 22nd with the Fastest Run, Don Hutchison 24th,  Paul Hooper and Yvonne Turner 1st Female Vet.

St Ives Biathlon 2007 Results

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