St Ives Triathlon – Sunday, 1 June 2008

Well done to all today on what was an extremely hot, humid and tough course!!

The Mighty BayOur men’s relay team – The Mighty Bay, came first, consisting of Dan L (swimmer), AikenDrum (cyclist) and Graham S (runner).  They all finally got their t-shirts! and prizes to boot –  Dan had a wonderful swim, then tagged Don, who was wearing Graham’s vest on back-to-front as only one number was issued to the teams and nobody had a spare racebelt (until Dan came to pack his bag on going home and found one!).  Don had a good bike on an extremely hilly and challenging course, and handed the sweaty vest to Graham to put on.  The run was equally hilly consisting of a two-lap route which just went up with a very steep down.  Add to that one lap of the beach and the race was finished!

Petrol Driven NunsThe women’s relay team came second – myself (swimmer), Sue Taylor (cyclist) and Nicky Taylor (runner).  Thanks to Sue and Nicky for doing the hard bits – when they turned up!  They decided to take the scenic route as they thought that the race started in St Ives and not Carbis Bay!

Glad it\'s all over!????????Grammarsow (who also did Saltash Aquathlon yesterday) completed it in a faster time than the relay team and that included falling off his bike when his race belt came undone and caught in his chain!  Also it was Ian and Sue’s wedding anniversary today and so he had a lot of making up to Sue for spending most of the day in St Ives without her! 

Well done also to Nick Brooks who looked absolutely wonderful (I don’t think) at the end as he crossed the line!

Many thanks to all the supporters from MBH who turned up. Sam P who spent most of the time posing without his shirt on (photo proves it) Kyle who should’ve raced (he even had his bike and kit in the car) Shay who also should’ve gone for it – Sam & Phil couldn’t just stand around to wait so they swam from Carbis Bay to St. Ives AND BACK!! NUTTERS! Junior member, Sarah Bonnar and her family (You’ll win this event in the future Sarah!) Sue’s partner Steve and most of the other Tri Logic Crew – Penzance Wheelers -anyone basically who gave us a shout – thanks

  Food junkiesThey swam there!Poser!Cyclists

St Ives Tri 2008 Results
 Flikr photos here


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