St Levan 10k 2009


Well done to all 34 MBH – first Men’s team and first Women’s team!!

Geoff Letchford and Nigel Sims also picked up first in their age groups.

Imogen Terry was first under 13 girl and Phoebe Gartside first under 11 girl

Full results from the St Levan 10k website HERE?or in Excel format HERE

Junior results will be available from the St Levan website soon.

Special mention to Sam P and Rachel T who ran from Penzance to St Levan and then took part in the race!

0:36:13 ROBINSON, Michael
0:37:30 SIMS, Nigel
0:38:11 KEAREY, Kyle
0:38:21 SANGER, Phil
0:38:45 LETCHFORD, Geoff
0:39:36 JOHANSEN, Miles
0:40:01 PARKES, John
0:40:34 HICKSON, Andrew
0:40:57 TAYLOR, James
0:41:16 OMORI, Mark
0:42:25 STEPHENS, Alastair
0:43:58 SCOTT, Wendy
0:44:07 RICHARDS, Steven
0:44:07 MARSTON, Jeremy
0:44:33 RUETSCH, Arnaud
0:45:00 HOLDEN, Charlie
0:45:31 SIMMS, Peter
0:45:51 AUSTIN, David
0:46:21 BROOKS, Nick
0:46:51 PERKIN, Sam
0:47:19 HOOPER, Paul
0:47:40 ANGOVE, Paul
0:48:04 TRESIDDER, Rachel
0:48:15 HIBBERT, Clive
0:49:38 JONES, Simon
0:50:00 TURNER, Yvonne
0:50:55 BURROWS, Robert
0:52:22 TREWHELLA, Chris
0:52:51 SALDIVAR, Michael
0:53:55 BAINBRIDGE, Robert
0:55:42 CLARKE, Joanne
0:56:01 SHAW, Laura
0:58:33 MATTHEWS, Susan
1:03:34 JOHNS, Gillian

Lots of PBs for GS to update!!

Can someone tell me what Chris T is doing to Arnaud’s head? (click on photo?for larger view)

(Edit: Here’s a few more pics courtesy of Chris Harper from Carn Runners)

Sam P
Sam P (with Simon just behind)
Alfie (on the right!)

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