St Levan 10k and Children’s Race 2012

St Levan 10k – 2012 results(SCROLL DOWN FOR CHILDREN’S RESULTS)

137 10k runners completed the course on what turned out to be a dry evening – even the presentation was held outside! Two runners pulled out early on and didn’t tell anyone and so Jan Sargent, who does the results, was waiting for them to finish and could have got the results out earlier (please, if you pull out of the race, tell the time-keepers).

Entries came from wide and far – Carlisle, Derbyshire, London, to name but a few. Some even made it from Sennen!

The weather had been bad all day and everyone was expecting the worst but it was very hot and clammy and one runner admitted that she’d love it to rain just to cool her down. There was a nice cooling breeze in the last couple of miles together with a rather large puddle to run through. Some runners went through it very daintily whilst others just caused a bow wave!

Pete Le Grice yet again showed what a brilliant runner he was by finishing a good two minutes ahead of second placed Noel Kindon, who was over 20 seconds ahead of third placed Stewart Gregory.

Also first lady Jane Allison was nearly two minutes ahead of Charlotte Bennett with Karen McClay putting in a good performance for third place.

All in all a very good evening raising funds for St Levan Sports Club.

Male overall
1. 32.48 Pete Le Grice (Mounts Bay Harriers)
2. 34.58 Noel Kindon (Cornwall AC)
3. 35.21 Stewart Gregory (Holme Pierpoint)

Male Vet 40-44
1. 39.01 Mike Dowick (Hayle Runners)

Male Vet 45-49
1. 35.21 Stewart Gregory (Holme Pierpoint)

Male Vet 50-54
1. 37.21 Chris Harry (Cornwall AC)

Male Vet 55-59
1. Peter Allen (Newquay Road Runners)

Male Vet 60-64
1. 40.24 Geoff Letchford (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Male Vet 65-69
1. 47.04 Terry McIvor (Hayle Runners)

Male Vet 70+
1. 48.21 Stewart Townend (Hayle Runners)

1st Local Male
1. 41.36 James George

Male Teams
1. Cornwall AC
2. Mounts Bay Harriers

Ladies Overall
1. 42.52 Jane Allison (Plymouth Harriers)
2. 44.40 Charlotte Bennett (Hayle Runners)
3. 44.55 Karen McClay (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Female Vet 40-44
1. 42.52 Jane Allison (Plymouth Harriers)

Female Vet 45-49
1. 44.55 Karen McClay (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Female Vet 50-54
1. 54.35 Gill Johns (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Female Vet 60-64
1. 59.26 Diana Braverman (Cambridge & Coleridge AC)

1st Local Female
1. 56.01 Kirsty Medlock

Female Teams
1. Hayle Runners
2. Mounts Bay Harriers

St Levan Childrens race 2012 results

Under 15 Boy
1. 11.45 Tom Blackford (City of Plymouth)

Under 13 Boy
1. 13.18 Archie Vingoe (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Under 11 Boy
1. 16.07 Benjy McCarthy

Local Parish Boy
1. 18.05 Jonathan Hall
2. 18.11 Issak Fox

Under 15 Girl
1. 14.50 Rosie Tonkin (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Under 13 Girl
1. 13.25 Ellie Ringwood (Mounts Bay Harriers)

Under 11 Girl
1. 15.11 Oriana Noel

Local Parish Girl
1. 15.11 Oriana Noel
2. 22.48 Milly Brolly

(Let me know whether I’ve made any obvious mistakes in the Children’s results.)

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