St Mawes Triathlon – 26th September 2010

1st St.Mawes Triathlon 2010

Nearwater St Mawes Triathlon
Nearwater St Mawes Triathlon

It was a perfect day for any event being held outside today – it wasn?t too hot, nice clear skies and very little wind… and the sea was flat!

About 3 weeks ago I talked Zoe in to doing this tri. She?s never been on a road bike up until now, so hats off to her as it was a hard cycle, (which I didn?t tell her) along with it being her first open water swim!

6 of us in total from MBH were here taking part, and the pre-race banter was mainly aimed at me. Everyone who I knew was asking me was I going to wear my timing chip or not and it was actually the first thing I put on.

750m Swim

As we walked to the beach, myself and Zoe had a good old chat to our newest member Jonno Gibbins, about eating I think. Anyway he finished 17th over all?..well done? Dude!

After a quick splash to warm up, 119 people all lined up at the start on a shingly beach. I took up position behind the fast lot, and before I knew it we were all off. I had a good start, loving it in all the bubbles but couldn?t see a thing for the first 50m, and the water was really warm for a change. I did try drafting but couldn?t keep up the bloke in front, then I was sandwiched and accidentally smacked one of them in the back of the head. He soon moved off as we rounded the only buoy and then it was into shore. My arms were flipping aching but on I went. I was glad to get out as my arms had given up at this point.

A quick dash across the road, and no I didn?t wobble my way to transition, for a change.

There was lots of cheering from the crowd as we ran into transition, which was very well organised. We ran in the bottom, got kitted out for the cycle, and ran out the top of transition before jumping on the bike.

14.8 Mile Cycle Route

I faffed up getting on my bike. I seemed to have forgotten how to get on the flipping thing but once on, I was off! Out of St. Mawes up the hill to the castle and that was how the route seemed to be – hill after hill. Zoe had had a good swim and I didn?t manage to catch her up untill the 3k point – as I went past she told me how much she hated me! Keep going, I told her! On I pushed. By 6 miles my legs were aching feeling really fatigued, but still managed to take a few places although I was overtaken by several others, which I didn?t like!

At the 18k point I was shocked to see Mr Brooks walking with his bike, again. I shouted ?are you alright Nick?? ? yea, keep going – don?t stop for me? he shouted back. Huh! Like I was going to! Ha ha ha! Yep he had a puncture and the git managed to get a lift back! But he did do the run and gave himself a self disqualification, but he did seem quite happy at the prize giving! With a pint!

As I came back into St.Mawes down hill I shot past Kyle (now running) cheering him on as I rounded a corner, just a short flat stretch to transition left. I flew through transition racked my bike helmet off shoes on and I was off.

Shay somehow managed to take out one of the crowd control barriers in transition, landing on the floor spread out like a swastika with his bike and crash barrier on top of him! Good effort lad!

2.65 Mile Run

Basically this was running up the first hill we cycled up for a good half mile then undulating for a mile and half before a long down and the short flat stretch back to the finish/transition. I managed to take back the several places I lost and a further 8 or 9 before finishing.

Talking to Kyle afterwards I asked him how he manages to go so fast during transition 2. I did it in 40 seconds he some how managed 18 seconds – all he said was that he struggled to put his shoes on. Oh My God!

The bike racking was a bit crammed, but that was out of the organisers hands – other than that it was great race, hard, but a really enjoyable course and I loved it! As did the others from MBH, Great fun! Lots of laughs!

Lots of people had come out to support around the transition/finish area as well as sporadically around the cycle and run route so thank you to them and the marshalling was good. The only down side?? no blinking medal!

A big well done to Kyle who won the triathlon!

1 Kyle Kearey 1.13.18

10 Shay Bowen 1.20.28

17 Jonno Gibbins 1.23.06

54 Moi 1.31.51

83 Zoe Mason 1.39.58

Mr Nick Brooks 1.51.26

Sam Perkin

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