Sticker 5 – 18th June 2010

Its good to see the newbie MBH members turn up to tackle this 5 miler such as Jo, Simon, Hana, Paul and Steve etc of course they weren?t to know just how hard Sticker?s undulating course is.

While those of us who are old hands at this, Jeremy, Nancy, Charlie, Mr Burrows arr yes Mr and Mrs Squire etc, etc oh and must not forget White Leg Crazy Hair! And of course a special mention to Swiss Mcnevin who?s aiming to tackle all of the races in this years Grand Prix.

We were all dreading the 5 mile sprint in hot and clammy weather conditions; much like Cubert, except we were up in St.Austell territory and it?s a lot harder!

Chris and Tammy took charge of all the to do?s with our race numbers etc, and what a fine job they did even if Chris was probably more in the way than good.

I had a little warm up as usual, with Andrew Hickson who?s running very well at the moment and had a good run here at Sticker, my wing man had me worried as I couldn?t find her but there she was Rachel ?Goose? Tresidder good to see her back in the fold even thou she suffering with a few snags, followed by a quick chat to Michael Robinson before being herded to the start.

Well the start, it was the usual hustle and bustle as always well a bit worse, plus the sun was in our eyes in that confined little lane very difficult to get off to a good start.

Now to keep Mr Mathews happy I?m doing my best not to shoot off at the start of any races from now on, as normally I?ve blown out after 3miles, but it is difficult at these shorter races as I don?t really warm up until gone 7miles!

So a fast start up the first hill Neil Eddy, and Jason walker flew past me before we all dropped off down into sticker and then up the other side of the valley Mark O and Mr Hickson seemingly were not effected by this hill as they went by! But good old Kathryn Burgess (CAC) was on my shoulder as we ran up the hill, she stuck with me until the second mile and then she was gone, although I did tell her it was ok for her to push on.

This race is a killer, hill after hill after hill. In those tiny lanes some places the sun was that bright in your eyes that you couldn?t actually see the road ahead where it was covered by the tree canape, which was lovely as it gave some much needed cooling shade plus one of my race tactics I had actually filled my water bottle with ice and had a cold drink all the way round! Yea me!

Just after 3 miles I?m afraid that was it! My legs had blown out they were heavy and jellified just as Mr Savage glided past me.

Ian wasn?t here for me to chase and I hadn?t seen Jeremy so presumed he was way in front of me my concern then was Craig Tonkin (Hayle Runners) sneaking past me at the finish again like he did at Cubert now I couldn?t hear the Tonkin shuffle behind me anywhere but it?s a bit like the cha cha slide but with a lot less rhythm, but I kept an ear out all the same, at the 4 mile point as I was dieing but holding on in as Flipping Jeremy ran past me up the last hill, I put a little spurt in to keep up but no good he got past me.

He did say to me afterwards that I managed to get away from him 2 or 3 times on the down hills, well then, more hill training for me! Thanks Jeremy!

As I made my way up the last hill trying to chase that scrawny get Jeremy I knew oh too well how hard this last push was going to be before hitting the small section of flat at the start and I could feel my calves burning with each stride which I?ve been struggling with for quite a few months, I just had to hang on, and we all now know that there?s no let up once you hit that bit of flat. I was now looking for that last right turn and the hardcore track as I hit that I began to decide who I was going to out sprint, I could hear Paul Bullock (St.Austell Runners) on the tannoy getting louder and knew the finish was near, as the field came into view I hunched over and caned it as hard as I could with what energy I had left I couldn?t catch Jeremy although a Hayle runner was on my shoulder I wasn?t about to let him over take me 50 foot from the finish and he didn?t!

Once again it left me urging at the finish.

Why do we do it? I always ask myself this and still don?t come up with a sensible answer! And then Once I?d semi recovered did a half marathon running towards Truro and back??..Madness!

Don?t know who won what so tough! I was out running!

St.Austell runners did a good job once again of organising and marshalling the race although when I got back from my long run and joined them all back at the bar for an hour so I got to say all you lot at St.Austell Can?t sing to save your life where karaoke is concerned! Especially that Katie Bullock!

Well a good turn out for this race number 7 in the Grand Prix a total of 455 took part of which 31 were from MBH well done everyone! Especially to those who ran this race for the first time and probably won?t run Sticker again! WELL DONE!

Sam P

10 Neil Eddy 28.29

12 Michael Robinson 28.44

32 Jason Walker 31.07

41 Andrew Hickson 31.28

42 Mark O 31.48

55 Miles Johansen 32.27

62 Rich Savage 32.38

73 Jeremy Marston 33.11

76 Sam Perkin 33.20

91 Nancy Hill 34.04

99 Mhairi Saville 34.18

102 Charlie Holden 34.22

116 Rachel Tresidder 35.09

123 Steve Richards 35.42

180 Richard Boucher 37.49

201 Simon Jones 38.38

211 Clive Hibbert 39.02

228 Paul Angove 40.00

230 Phil Mcnevin 40.09

257 Robert Burrows 41.13

260 Thea Barlow 41.20

263 Tammy Rosewall 41.21

265 Michael Ringwood 41.23

286 Zoe Mason 42.11

288 Joanne Clarke 42.16

300 Hana O 42.52

305 Marki Squire 43.06

319 Steve Davies 43.50

345 Chris Trewhella 45.47

375 Jackie Stone 48.02

393 Helen Squire 49.27

418 Helen Kendall 52.38

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