Sticker 5 bites back!

June 21st 2008

Longest day, middle of high summer and its chucking it down, fog, drizzle, wind, and nothing conducive to keeping Mark Omori’s barnet in place!

So lets get Mark out of the way first…

He had kids with him, who were supposed to be running in the ‘fun run’.  Unfortunately, according to Mark, he got held up in traffic and was late so the kids missed the race.

However it transpires, after talking to his daughter,  that he also got lost too!

Well at least it was going to be cool.

Sticker is a jinx race for me. One year there was a false start. A FALSE START IN A 5 MILER!! 400 runners had to be recalled to the start line! Last year I managed to make 2 miles before I got cramp and pulled up…. and this year…. oh dear, even worse. I can assure you that ‘ oh dear ‘ were not the words I uttered at the time.  I pulled up after just over a mile. This time I pulled a muscle in the top of my leg. I knew I had this problem before I started but took a calculated risk. Obviously not calculated enough.

After my storming Cubert run I was keen to show that it was not a one off, and because im better at the shorter distances it was important for me to get a good result in this one too.

But there we are – it didn’t happen, and when it went on me, it felt as though someone had stung me with a gigantic rubber band. Not a nice feeling.

Some brilliant running from others in MBH, notably John Parkes and John Doyle – first and second in over 50 group. Bloody good times too. Nancy Hill I believe was 3rd in her age group. I knew she was going to get in amongst the top 3 soon, and will continue to do so i’m sure.

If you look at times compared with Cubert, everyone is  between 1 min and 1 min 30 slower, as always because of the difficulty of the course, so hats off to Jeremy Marston – only 23 seconds slower. Now that is a result, I can assure you. So anyway, I jogged, limped and  skipped back to the start a mile away with 400 odd runners offering me condolences. ‘Bad luck’  ‘oh what a shame’  and   the classic ‘are you ok’ ? Am I ok???? Do I look ok, as I grimace in pain? Ok, fair enough, people are being polite, but after the 80th time it was wearing a bit thin. I think if it happens again I will leap over a hedge and hide till the hordes have gone by!!

I managed to hobble back to the start/finish line just before the first runners came in. There were a few startled faces when I appeared on the finish straight and I could see that maybe it would be prudent for me  to ‘uck off out of the way. So I did. One good thing that came out of it for me was to be able to see everyone come in and put names to faces for once, and also to realise that the front runners are in as much pain as me when I finish, so for those of you who are further down the field, take heart.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort, and ran in a MBH shirt. Turkey Trot next. 4 mile sprint. Bring it on. Wednesday July 12th 7.30 pm, and there is a 2 mile fun run for the kids at 7pm so lets all get there and go for it. See you soon.

Geoff Letchford





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