Stormforce 10 2010 – what a start!

The 2010 Cornwall Road Running Grand Prix kicked off with the newly named Stormforce 10, previously The Blaythorne, mostly the same course but the biggest difference had to be the Race HQ – 100% better.

I understand that The Blaythorne Club put up it’s membership prices and Carnies, fed up?with sub standard conditions and shabby surroundings up and left! let this be a lesson to some who may try and extort the runner!

Our guest runners today were Andrew, who I haven’t seen for about 27 years (we were in the same class at school together before he moved to Australia) and Hugo, which is Becky Brooks other half.
The race HQ was laid out perfectly, tables and signage provided to all clubs with club entries, tea, coffee and refreshments on sale, a flashy computer screen thing, music, loads of toilets and changing – probably the best HQ on the GP circuit – Well Done Carnies
Onto the race…………..397 finishers, including 36 Mounts Bay Harriers (2 guest Harriers, Hugo & Andrew) quite a walk from the school to the start, which has always been the start! Young Geoff Letchford on hand taking a few snaps as he’s done his calf again and not running (or was it the fear of something over 10K that persuaded him not to run?!)

That first mile is soooo fast I tried to hold back as after my ‘broken’ ankle episode 5 weeks ago I was looking to do 13 miles (yep another 3! VLM training plan) at 8 minute miling, loads of pills and cream and I was OK. Coming up to?the first mile mark I look to my left and there’s the Mrs! what a 7 minutes! we were both gonna pay for that. I eventually caught Charlie and shamefully sat on his shoulder for 6 miles (sorry Charlie) Everything was going well with the ankle, until we got to the Leedstown bypass! a branch off left, off road farm track, that cuts out all the village. The uneven ground played havoc with the weak ankle and I dropped the pace so I could concentrate and try not to turn the ankle.

Charlie and I caught Rachel and were soon into the last 4 miles, we were reeling a few in but looking at my watch we were running more like 7 minute miling than 8 – I’ll learn!

The finish was roughly the same, with that bloody hill before a nice downhill stretch to the finish (thank god that rabbit warren bit is no more) so how’d we do?…..

gedc1293Mike R finishing fast in 7th place 57.35Come Don, get that hair cut! it's got to be worth 30 secs faster!

Super Sue Taylor 1st female vet 55-59Trina being chased by Zoe near the finish


7 0:57:35 ROBINSON, Michael
31 1:04:17 WALKER, Jason
32 1:04:17 SANGER, Phil
34 1:04:35 MILDREN, Andrew
41 1:05:24 DOYLE, John (3rd MV 50-54)
46 1:05:44 HUTCHISON, Don
47 1:05:45 HICKSON, Andrew
73 1:08:58 TAYLOR, Nicky (2nd Female under 35)
74 1:08:59 STEPHENS, Alastair
76 1:09:12 OMORI, Mark
84 1:09:47 HILL, Nancy (3rd FV 40-44)
105 1:11:40 MATTHEWS, Ian
108 1:11:58 HOLDEN, Charlie
135 1:14:05 TRESIDDER, Rachel
146 1:15:34 PETTIT, Hugo
156 1:16:17 HOOPER, Paul
174 1:18:58 MARSTON, Jeremy
177 1:19:22 HIBBERT, Clive
182 1:19:41 TAYLOR, Sue (1st FV 55-59)
188 1:20:23 LAWLEY, Sam
215 1:22:53 BROOKS, Nick
222 1:23:42 MCNEVIN, Philip
231 1:24:46 PERKIN, Sam
247 1:26:50 WEBB, Helen
266 1:29:58 BURROWS, Robert
267 1:30:14 KANE, Duncan
270 1:30:23 ANGOVE, Paul
278 1:31:34 MASON, Zoe
279 1:31:42 PETERS, Trina
311 1:34:34 SQUIRE, Mark
315 1:35:42 JOHNS, Michael
320 1:36:09 TREWHELLA, Chris
336 1:38:00 MATTHEWS, Susan
343 1:38:56 JOHNS, Gillian
355 1:42:15 STONE, Jackie
369 1:44:10 KENDALL, Helen

(Full results HERE)

Special mentions to Mike for finishing once again inside the top 10, John Doyle, the only MBH male who won any silverware, Nancy Hill, Nicky and Sue Taylor for age group placings, but best of all, the MBH ladies team, a fantastic 3rd place!!! the previous three girls plus Rachel Tresidder. As a club we also achieved 18 new PBs for the 10 mile distance (Nancy by over 9 minutes) Cracking runs from Andrew, Phil, Jason and Don – I’m sure we must have got 4th male team?! Biggest respect of the day for me must go to Helen Kendall, who ran the furthest she has ever run and put in 110% effort – so much so she was physically sick at the finish – RESPECT!

I went on to do another 3 miles, (and a turbo session when I got home) so pleased with todays efforts – thanks to Sam Hill for his support, popping up on his bike to cheer us on at various points (he then went home and did his own 13 mile run!)

Thanks to Carnies for putting on a great race and an especially big thankyou from my Mrs who said it was the first race where she was able to have some cake as you put on gluten free!! that’s extra brownie points!

Marathon training continues next Saturday with a 14 miler from the school at 9.30am (has to be the Saturday as it’s our Awards & Presentation evening on the Saturday also)

3 weeks till the next GP, The Mounts Bay 10K, 7th February, club entry is in, if you’re not on this list there’s still chance as I heard Hayle say there are about 100 places still left, but get the entries in quick as it will fill this week.

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