Stormforce 21 January 2018

Mounts Bay Harriers fielded a team of 42 runners at the Stormforce 10 mile road race at Camborne on Sunday , which is the 1st Grand Prix event of the 2018 season. All of the Harriers ran very well in good weather conditions of heavy cloud and fairly light winds , with several runners recording personal best times for the 10 mile distance.

David Andrewartha , in his first competitive race for Mounts Bay , ran brilliantly to be the first male Harrier to finish in a superb time of 1:01:51. Making up the mens team of first six finishers were Jan Wolf ; Stuart Thomson ; Andrew Hickson ; Joe Easterbroook and Thomas Prosser . Ruth Glover was the first lady Harrier to finish in a very good personal best time of 1:18:04 ; and was joined in the top six by Karen McClay , Helen Webb ; Grace Whetton ; Tracey Nicholls & Sarah Leggo.

It was very pleasing to see a wide range of experience across the whole team , with Paul Angove competing in the event for the ninth consecutive year , and John Doyle making a welcome return to Mounts Bay colours after not competing for many years. Running their first Stormforce race were Dave & Ross Atkinson-Beaumont ; and Sarah & Emma Johns who finished together and did very well to record a sub 2 hour time. Congratulations to Sue Taylor for winning first prize in the female over 65 age category ; and thanks to all the supporters who cheered on the runners during the race.

Mounts Bay Harriers finishing positions and times :

24th David Andrewartha 1:01:51

62nd Jan Wolf 1:06:29

83rd Stuart Thomson 1:08:23

86th Andrew Hickson 1:08:48

89th Joe Easterbrook 1:09:05

103rd Thomas Prosser 1:10:56

109th John Doyle 1:11:14

140th Tom Berryman 1:13:24

154th Paul Angove 1:14:16

164th Dave Atkinson-Beaumont 1:15:08

203rd Ruth Glover 1:18:04

218th Karen McClay 1:18:58

220th Ross Atkinson-Beaumont 1:19:11

252nd Michael Rooney 1:21:35

266th Richard Boucher 1:22:32

275th Simon Blackburn 1:23:11

288th John Gorton 1:23:51

290th Paul Hooper 1:24:14

343rd Helen Webb 1:28:32

365th Grace Whetton 1:29:50

370th Clive Hibbert 1:30:19

375th Tracey Nicholls 1:30:44

385th Sarah Leggo 1:31:22

398th Rebecca Wilding 1:32:04

419th Robert Burrows 1:34:36

424th Adam Oliver 1:35:10

425th Martin Oliver 1:35:10

427th Sue Taylor 1:35:18

431st Rachel Thomson 1:35:53

434th John Turtle 1:36:19

493rd Gary King 1:42:57

512th George Andrews 1:48:12

522nd Mark Squire 1:49:37

530th Greta Andrews 1:51:43

544th Jackie Stone 1:53:49

545th Helen Squire 1:54:24

553rd Liz Easterbrook 1:57:42

554th Sarah Johns 1:58:39

555th Emma Johns 1:58:40

556th Yvonne Watkins 1:58:41

557th Jackie Morse 1:58:41

573rd Amanda Prosser 2:03:56