Summer Turkey Trot – by Geoff L

The weather was kind but the traffic getting there was not. I got stuck in a jam before I had left Penzance and queued the entire length of the Long Rock bypass. So I decided to miss the A30 and go through Goldsithney etc. Bad move! 1 tractor, 2 buses and 2 different Ford Fiestas driven by elderly gentlemen wearing cloth caps – later I arrived at Tricky’s.

I hardly had time to warm up. I got my number pinned on and indeed my jog to the start line was my warm up!

Right, so lets get myself out of the way and then I can concentrate on the rest of the report. I was 1st in my age cat 55+ in a time of 23.41. A personal best and the first time in 17 attempts of going below 24mins. I was 26th overall out of 441. I went through the first mile in 5.14 but, to be fair, it is downhill for the most part. It’s now 6 wins in 6 races for me and so looking good.

A good turn out for MBH of 31. Helen Kendall, Alicja Giergielewicz who I hope doesn’t feature too often as I’d hate to have to spell that name in every race report! and Toby Dalton making their race debuts.

Placings of note.
Steve Chapple – 2nd over 55
John Parkes – 3rd over 50
Nancy Hill – 3rd female over 40
And 4th overall male team prize consisting of:
Sam Hill 7th
Neil Eddy 14th
Geoff Letchford 26th
Mark Omori 46th
Alistair Stephens 50th
John Parkes 54th

What a run by Sam Hill, who managed to stay on his feet at the start this time. Knocking nearly a minute off the Christmas race and 7 minutes off last summer’s !!!

His mum, Nancy, continues to improve knocking 30 seconds off the Christmas race.

Other notable time improvements in the last 12 months:
Sam Perkin – 1 min 37
Andrew Hickson – 1 min 23
Mark Omori – 1 min 05
Alistair Stephens – 33 seconds
Neil Eddy – 28 seconds
Oh yeah, nearly forgot, and me – 45 seconds.
Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out.

I did my customary sprint finish for no good reason other than I felt like it, and then waited patiently for the results to be printed.
Shock horror, I’m missed off completely, well actually no. On further investigation I’ve turned into a St Austell runner and lost 17 years. But there was worse to come. Ian Mathews had turned into a girl! I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the way he runs! There were, well, let’s just say a few problems with the results. But never mind, these things happen.

It may not have been helped by whoever was at the finish line taking note of the numbers having dyslexia.

Still it was a great race and a favourite with me. Which is more than I can say for my next G.P. race on Sunday. The awsome Magnificent 7 at Saltash.

Watch this space.

Geoff Letchford

Full results HERE

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