Tehidy 10k by bimbling Sam P

This race was kind of a Meet your Max verses Lanhydrock with a bit of Duchy thrown in for good measure! It was being held to raise money for the charity VSO.

Me being me was first on the scene so I helped the organisers set up like I do, but it wasn?t long before more and more familiar faces turned up from St Austell, Falmouth, Hayle, CAC, etc along with a lot of holiday-makers – in total there was 155 who took part.
Somehow, once again, I managed to forget something, my Garmin, so I have no Idea on my time except it wasn?t very good as I sprained my ankle!

The first mile took us through Tehidy on a very stony and uneven track which I found very uncomfortable under foot plus the tree canopy overhead blocked out the sun but it wasn?t long before we popped out into the car park and on to the north cliff?s footpath which is where I went over on my ankle and I had to pull up and walk for a little bit. It was horrible especially as all the St Austell lot ran past me!

On I hobbled back to Tehidy through half a dozen kissing gates so it would seem causing a bit of back log which I didn?t mind, the last one brought us across the main coast road then over a hedge and down the side of field before bringing us out onto the down hill section of the Duchy route which is where????no4???? over took me, that?s right over took me going down hill, gutted! Just before the drink stop where we turned again off the road onto a stony track back to the start/finish. Over a couple wood bridges and around this point it began to get muddy and I don?t like mud there was loads of it if you chose to run through it which I didn?t.

We were then directed around one of the lake?s more bridges, Dave Buzza was there with his bag of bread, cheering everyone on before off he went to feed the ducks, my ankle started to ease up even thou I was in pain I carried on, really I should have stopped but we never do, do we! Not unless bone is sticking through the skin or something!

So mile 4-6 was undulating, lots of tree cover there was a hill which I bimbled my way up and managed to catch up?????.no116???.. But he out sprinted me at the finish.

Chatting to some of the other club members they told me that one of the route markers had fallen off a tree sending them in the wrong direction?.Doh! But they didn?t seem too bothered.

A good off-road course (gutted that I?m still not race fit) on a lovely sunny day that it was with a bit of breeze, super! Mind you, I haven?t a clue where we ran.

The only criticisms I have are they could have done with taking the gates off the kissing gates, and put the results online somewhere, but it was a nice relaxed race!

I have no ideas on times or places but I think I just broke the hour!

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