Templer 10 2009

A flat, 10 mile (well, just under) multi-terrain race based at Kingsteignton in Devon, incorporating the picturesque Stover Park.

We travelled up the day before in the motorhome with the dogs and was allowed to stay, free of charge, in the car park of the Passage House Hotel who were sponsoring the event.?

At 3.30am the heavens opened and didn’t stop for the next six hours.? The wind started blowing a gale and we thought we were going to be in for a rough run.?? By 9.30am everyone was dressed for winter running, with waterproofs, thermals, hats, gloves, etc – and then, at 9.45am, everything calmed down, the rain stopped and the sun came out – it was like a Summer’s day.? It was then a mad rush to take all the layers off and just get down to shorts and vest.

Graham and I were the only ones running with dogs.? Most others had looked at the weather when they got up and decided not to take their pooches with them.? The dogs thoroughly enjoyed it, and slept all the way home afterwards.

It was a lovely 10 mile run – 2 miles of?road, 5 miles of fields including Stover Park, 2 miles of road and finishing with 0.7 mile off-road around Hackney Marshes (not the ones I grew up with, which were covered with football pitches!)

There were so many marshals – club members, police, cadets, family – very well organised.?

From the west of Cornwall, there was one Carn Runner (Janet Ritchie), two Harriers (Graham and myself) and three Hayle Runners (Frank, Paul and Dave).? There are other races out there apart from the Grand Prix that are well worth doing (like our Remembrance Run next Sunday!!)

Results HERE

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