The 10 mile “Eller” by Sam Perkin

dsc00942After running Dublin Marathon only 6 days prior to this race I had actually decided not to do it due the Marathon in my legs and Rachel hasn?t been feeling too well, so mid week we had decided not to do it. ?Imagine my surprise when I received a text from Rachel 10pm Saturday night asking me if I was still up for doing it?? Hmmm??..?That bloody Rachel? I thought.?

My legs had just about stopped hurting from Dublin so with no idea where we were going exactly, not sure on the course or just how hard it was, mind you bit of give away in the name!

I picked up Rachel at 7.30am all in a flap as usual, porridge had just finished cooking to be consumed on the way there and her poorly better half didn?t seem too happy with me taking his wife away so early in the morning and leaving him with 3 kids to look after! So we scarpered out of there in the direction of Torpoint.

Once again we were the first competitors to arrive and as the other competitors and marshals turned up we took this chance to find out what we were letting ourselves in for. All we got was hills, horror, more hills, pain, more hills, and lots of suffering, they all said, at which point Rachel did ask if we had time to get back to Redruth for the Namby Pamby 10k. But I said?? NO??NO Rachel! God damn it, were here! Were doing it!?

Although there is a race limit of 250 there?s never normally any more than 80 nutters, fruit loops, or crazy people who do it as its so flipping hard, today there were only 65 of us who were giving it a go. There were one or two faces we recognised, and I?ve decided that Sharon Dawes is completely stark raving bonkers.?

The weather was raining driving all the way up, which wasn?t overly impressing but it stopped when we got there, only a small shower at the start of the race other than that, it was overcast with a slight breeze up on the coast road!

The first mile was pretty flat as we ran around a small lake. ?I told Sharon to stay with me as I wanted someone to chat too, but even thou we weren?t going too fast at the start it was still too quick for me, and she had pulled away from me as we hit the first hill, Rachel was well in the distance at this point and this first hill seemed to go on for the next 2 miles with a short sharp down and a short sharp up which quickly thinned out the runners.? The third lady home actually commented on how nice my legs were and that they got her up the hill, which she informed me, as she ran past me, mind you her legs didn?t help me up the rest of flipping hill! But if ever we, us Blokes, needed proof, there it is??.. Women do it to!

3.3 miles at the top, Oh my word! What an amazing panoramic view! No not of her arse, the view of Whitsand Bay, it was awesome with the huge Royal Navy warships bobbing up and down in the heavy swell and for the next mile it took my mind off everything which was aching, hurting or numb, which I soon snapped out of at 4.5 as we had a steep half a mile down which even I found a little tricky and had to put the breaks on a touch into Rame and more hills up, down, up, down. I did walk at the drink stop as I couldn?t see anyone behind me, so no chance of being overtaken and the few guys in front of me, well they could have it!

6 miles, now on the opposite side of the Rame peninsular again breath-taking views of the coast must have been able to see a good 20 miles, awesome view the surf was massive with lots of white water as it crashed into the cliffs the view took my mind off the undulating coast road and again it wasn?t long before I was tackling hills again up, down, up, down are you getting the idea yet?

rachelSeveral blokes had over taken me on the first hill, don?t forget Debbie! Who said what nice legs I had, oh yea! As if my ego needed boosting!? Well I had two of them in my sights with 2 miles to go and they were dying and by mile 9 I was just behind them as we hit the last hill, I noticed a road sign which said 25% incline although short and sharp I expect you can imagine what I said. One of the chaps in front of me was walking but started running again, the other kept on going, the pair of them pulled away form me but when I reached the top it was a mile down hill to the finish, I quickly caught them up and my momentum took me past them. I came in 23rd out of 65 in 1.20.35 I wasn?t expecting to be 8 minute milling after everything I?ve done but I was pleased, cheeky tart Rachel thought I was going to be a lot longer. Tart

A really nice bunch of people, support was sporadic yet much appreciated, and seemed to be well organised, water stops were just at the right distances and yes, I got a medal. Rachel managed to get two medals which I wasn?t happy with, and a flipping huge shiny trophy and a cash prize for being first lady home in a time of 1.11.00.

This race made the old Truro Half seem easy and Launceston Half, the beast, a mere pussy cat in comparison. A very, very hard run which I think left everyone bewildered with a vast feeling of a great achievement.

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