The Cornish Marathon 2010

rachel-tresidderA few foolish and die hard MBH?ers made their way up to Pensilva, near Liskeard for the climax race of this years Cornwall Glass & Glazing Grand Prix Race series. A lot of our usuals were out due to illness or injury but we still somehow managed to raise two teams.
We had everything to fight for with the ladies sitting in a magnificent third place and the men in fourth.
I had arranged to pick Don up early so I could get to registration and change Clives place into my name (he is also injured, don?t worry Clive you?ll be back soon!) Pulling into the Millenium House at about 810 we were nearly the only car there! Nothing like being early! But wait who was that? Yvonne and Graham, she had been there since 1am! Now that is keen. (ask Yvonne (the party animal))
One by one everybody filtered in, registered and discussed how many layers to wear. The weather was dry but seemed OK so I opted for just a vest (mistake!)
Yvonne was running her third marathon in 7 weeks! And with her LEJOG cycle I bet her legs love her!
At 10am the hooter sounded and off we went, two mile laps of the village, for me a little too fast ? 7.01 & 7.05) and out we climbed onto the moors.
My god it was cold! It was as I said dry but there was biting head wind all the way up to Jamaica Inn, and parts of the race got quite lonely and found yourself on your own, a strong mind definately needed! I could see Don about 100 m in front so thought I?d see how long I could hang onto him. At about 12 miles Rachel T came storming past me, me warning her not to overcook it ? she was second place with only Zelah Morrell in front of her. At 14 miles Zelah was at the side of the road with a calf injury which meant Rachel was in the lead!
Rachel overtook Don and just pulled away from us both, Don then seemed to struggle as he looked really heavy legged climbing up the hills, and I gave encouragement as I passed him at about 15.
The next bit of course down from the Jamaica is supposed to be fast, slightly down hill and you can open your legs out a bit! If you haven?t got stomach cramps, Doug Alsop and a couple of St Austell runners steamed down the hill but I had to have a quick nip over the hedge – I apologise to the sheep who had sight of my bare white backside! I?ve been hearing a lot lately of people suffering from runners trots! I hope it?s a one off for me!
I went through 20 in about 2.30 and now into the last 5 miles and I could feel my legs and pace slowly dropping, the biggest climbs still to come, as Diane Roy from East Cornwall overhauled me, we?d had swapped places all the way around, everytime she passed a fantastic whiff of perfume perked me up and I managed to catch her and overtake her but this time the perfume didn?t work and she ran well away from me very quickly.
Into the last 2 miles, Dean, Rachels husband, said she was now just ahead a little despondent as Di had passed her and she was struggling. Looking up there she was walking up the last hill, she turned saw me, and it was something out of a comedy, I think I could read her expression and smell the fear (or was that my shorts!?) as her little legs started up again, picked the pace back up and comfortably pulled away.

Into the finish and you were handed your medal, now you know me, not one to say what I mean! I thought the medal was poor, a 79p special from Running Imp, a pasty (if you can call it that) and tea or coffee that I didn?t get as the queuing arrangement didn?t work well ? I know we?re in a recession but it was ?15 to enter, ?17 if unaffiliated and a whopping ?5 extra if you entered on the day!
And just as an addition ? only trophy for 1st place? Wine is Ok but again fancy coming 2nd in the Cornish Marathon and NO TROPHY! Drink the wine, if you drink alcohol, and it?s forgotten
A decent medal, it was a marathon, a t shirt, and perhaps a goody bag with sports drink / recovery, bar of choc, banana would have been nice? Other clubs have dished out hoodies, bespoke medals etc, please don?t start ripping off the runner the same as the triathlon fraternity seems to be.


Well Done and a big thankyou to the marshals who stood out in the cold ALL DAY, they encouraged everyone and as far as I heard even managed to get everyones drinks to them at the respective stations – I really felt for you seeing that the last finisher came in over 6 hours! that’s along day just standing around in the cold wind – thankyou all
So how?d we do?
Rachel we know, had a blinder, London for her in 2012, but before then I think she can get an elite place not just GFA, look out Duchy in 2011, myself, happy with that on tired legs, rest now (if there is such a thing)

Don, I think was disappointed and suffered at the end with cold and went quite ill, you gotta look into the nutrition Don, Sam P was his usual chirpy self, obviously boring Sharon Daw at 10 miles as they had planned to run together, but at 10 Sharon saw the light and sped off, Sam did say that he enjoyed this marathon and he was going to train for the next one! We all say that Sam,

Steve Richards, ran well, a new PB on such a hard course, well done, fingers crossed that you come out of the hat on the club VLM draw, Phil Mc (Swiss) also suffered really bad with the cold but top man in doing all 15 GP races!

Yvonne T, the machine, having partied away the night before to the levellers, ran the marathon and was then going onto a Status Quo gig, where does she get her energy? She ran all the way with Helen, who, for the first time beat her other half Mark, who also really looked bad at the finish, but I reckon this is because he will now no doubt never hear the last of how Helen ?chicked? him at the Cornish 2010!!!
30 3:22:54 TRESIDDER, Rachel 2nd female overall and 1st in Agegroup
31 3:23:57 MATTHEWS, Ian
43 3:29:44 HUTCHISON, Don
58 3:40:06 RICHARDS, Steven
138 4:10:49 PERKIN, Sam
175 4:36:12 MCNEVIN, Philip
182 4:48:19 TURNER, Yvonne
183 4:48:29 SQUIRE, Helen
185 4:53:35 SQUIRE, Mark
Mens team finished in 7th position (St Austell taking the win)
Ladies team finished in 4th positon (Hayle taking the win)

Full Results HERE

So, overall in the GP MBH had a total of 121 members doing at least one GP race, 77 men and 44 women, 25 members did 8 or more of the series, earning them their special momento to be presented at the MobMatch on Sunday 28 November (15 men, 10 women) 2 members did all 15 races, Phil McNevin and Sam Perkin, Sam in fact this is his 3rd year completing all the races.
Notable individual positons are;
Rachel Tresidder joint second overall in the under 35 ladies
Mhairi Saville fourth in the under 35 ladies

Joanne Clarke tenth in 35 -39

Nancy Hill second in vets over 40
And the ladies team finished in joint 3rd place with Hayle Runners
Richard Savage fourth in the 40 -44
Ian Matthews ninth in the 40 ? 44
Andrew Hickson seventh in the 45 ? 49
Mark Omori tenth in the 45 ? 49
Clive Hibbert eighth in the 60 – 64
Dave Marston third in the over 65
Dave Austin fifth in the over 65
The men team finished in joint 4th place with East Cornwall Harriers

Well Done every single one of you Mounts Bay Harriers ? we should be very proud of all we have achieved in the 5 years we have been in existence ? let?s keep up the good work!

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