Treggy 7 – 2008

One of now two 7 milers in the GP race circuit this race is a long way up for athletes from the far South West – based at Launceston Football Club – 16 MBH runners lined up at the start along with 400 other runners – Gabby had pulled out and her place was snapped up by up and coming youngster Sam Hill and unfortunately Geoff L. chasing the number one position in his AG in the GP had to withdraw at the last moment with a calf injury. Tim D stepped in to take this spot.

Having done this race only once before and that was 2 years ago I couldn’t quite remember the route but looking at my Garmin splits something happens around just after the mile 4 mark as my time for this one mile goes from about 6.40 to 8.10!! The race starts on the Industrial estate and winds its way down into the valleys of Launceston for about 3 miles and then……………they call it the steps! a hill probably the worst in the whole of the GP race series reduces many a seasoned runner to a ‘hands on legs’ walk – you’re breathing is all over the place (effects of altitude?) till it eventually evens out for about 50m and just when you think you’ve conquered it, ready to plant your flag, it continues on up again for another quarter of a mile! – if you can keep a good cadence and run through the top and over the last mile and a half are FAST – looking at my Garmin split this year – it was 6.15 for me for the last mile!

How did we do? pretty good I’d say – Tim finished 6th overall and picked up 3rd in his AG, John D, 1st in AG, Nancy 3rd in AG and Susie T 2nd in AG

Special mentions to Rachel (4th in under 35 female) who had a storming race and young Sam H posted a fantastic time of a little over 46 minutes putting Mark and myself to shame by over 2 minutes – Andrew H, only his second race ever and first GP race, raced around and will soon be over taking a lot more experienced runners – The ladies team of Nancy, Rachel, Yvonne and Susie T were well up this time and just missed out being placed – mens team did themselves proud as a lot of our faster runners were out due to other things such as holidays, working or injury. A point to think of for our more senior runners – more and more events seem to be introducing fastest over 50s team – today we would have wiped the floor with everyone should we have had John P, Geoff L, Steve C, Viv M, Clive, Dave M and all our more senior men to accompany a lonesome John D – and ladies you would have done really well also – so come on MBH lets get it together for the up and coming Newquay 10K – running captains – round up your troops!

Fantastic race again from Launceston RR, excellent goody bag, friendly marshalls and nice quiet relatively traffic free route

As a thought we do really need to organise a race down here in our patch to eventually get into the GP circuit – any volunteers? Yvonne, myself and Sue have too much on our plate but we would help and advise if anyone wanted to take the organisation on!!

Full Results HERE

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